Monthly Archives: September 2011

rekonq 0.7.92 (aka 0.8beta3)

Yes, I know. I missed 0.8beta2 release blogging… but it was just 2 days ago. And I need to release another beta to fix some “licensing” issues found in some files and to finally start string freeze for 0.8. Translations as usual will be present in RC package, if released and in stable one.
In this first bugfixing period we focused about the need of support from this release the upcoming QtWebKit 2.2 library, as it just reached the “release candidate” state and it contains huge improvements and fixes compared with the actual 2.0.x one.
So, basically no more excuses for us :)
In the while, we are trying to clean/fix/fast up rekonq code. Hopefully, this is going to be a really nice release :D