rekonq: https indicators

Sorry for the noise, I just cannot decide. What do you prefer?

option 1

Option 1

option 2

option 2

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89 responses to “rekonq: https indicators

  1. I’ll go for option 1:
    1) more consistent with other browser
    2) cannot be misunderstood for a “loading bar”
    3) better looking

    For the people asking for the “locker” SLL information: it’s already there in rekonq, but in the right side of the bar: maybe on the left (just after the favicon) could be a better option, so that you have on the left “security” information and on the right “presonal” information.

  2. option 1, better looking that a big green bar. It send the message it needs to send to the user in a less obtrusive way

  3. Option 2 or option 1 with https on green background (à la Firefox), cause I think it must be really visible for neophytes, and the nice green that’s already on the url bar is not aggressive.

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  5. Opetion 2. The green background can be brighter and less blue.

    ps. I wish I can remove the red close button on each tab since I can close tabs by middle click.

  6. Don’t know if you still care, but I prefer option 1 – I think it’s less distracting, especially since HTTPS is pretty widespread; I feel if the background were a solid color I’d wonder why – is the website still transferring? Why is it green now (instead of the usual blue)?

  7. Option 2

  8. Option 2
    simple and clear.

  9. Option 1.

    The option 2 can be misunderstood for a “loading bar”.

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