rekonq 0.0.3 is out!

Yeah! A very good new! Anyway.. what IS rekonq??

Rekonq is a (hopefully) lightweight KDE browser based on Webkit. Its code was initially based on Nokia QtDemoBrowser, just like Arora. Anyway its implementation is going to embrace KDE technologies to have a full-featured KDE web browser.

Ah, ok. So it’s a browser. And you’re actually porting code to KDE..

Yes! I started changing ‘Q’ with ‘K’ (not so far from truth ;)) and I’m doing one release a month to let see changes and features coming. For now rekonq..

  • shares konqueror bookmarks
  • steals icons from KDE project 🙂
  • seems a browser (read, has a lot of bugs)

Of course, I’m having a lot of fun playing with it. And now that it is at least acceptable, I’m starting to talk about it. In case you have 5 minutes and you are really free, you can try it downloading code tarball from kde-apps or taking a look at the code from gitorious.

Have fun!

17 responses to “rekonq 0.0.3 is out!

  1. You are my hero 🙂
    Just installed it and i’m loving it.. Big big thank you 🙂

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