rekonq 0.1

Here we are again, speaking about rekonq 0.1 release. This is intended to be just as 1st “inside KDE” public release. In fact, from now on, rekonq is a fully supported KDE project: we have one mailing list, one IRC channel and especially an account on kde bugzilla for our bugs and your feature requests. What can I say more? I’m really proud of it! And we have also a lot of people that like this “child browser” and are supporting us. I really wanna thank you all 🙂

What else? Two things. First, rekonq 0.1 is obviously NOT ready for production nor feature complete. Take it just as a technology preview. Quite stable, I hope, but just that. If you are really interested on, read full changelog and information on rekonq site.

Second, development season restarts, stay tuned!

20 responses to “rekonq 0.1

  1. oh wow, it shares bookmarks with konq already? 😀

    ping me when it has kwallet integration 🙂 I’m interested in these new browsers, but realistically I’m not going to spend much time in a browser that doesn’t use my wallet.

    • Andrea Diamantini

      Yeah! As said, rekonq is not ready for production. I’m just happy people starts liking it..

  2. Tiago Cerqueira

    I really really really like this browser! Full KDE integration (in the future, I mean), and as fast as (or even faster than) firefox/opera. Simply love it. If it ends up being a file manager like konqueror, I’d simply praise the FSM for sending us these kind developers 😉

  3. Congratulations ^_^. I can’t wait to see it progress more and more 🙂

  4. do yoou mean 0.2? i feel like 0.1 has been already released..?

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  6. Awesome product. I’ve been waiting for a replacement for Arora that offered the same features and integrated with KDE. On that note, please do not make this a combination file manager/brower. Firstly, we have one. Secondly, It’s bloat, and KDE is desperately in need of a solid standalone browser. I hope that Rekonq (may want a new name, btw) can fill this niche.

    • Andrea Diamantini

      Don’t worry about that. rekonq (or $newname browser) will ever be just a lightweight browser.

  7. rekonq is really awesome!
    It’s faster than Firefox and renders better than Konqi.
    I’m using it most of the time now. Thanks for your really great program, I’m looking forward to future releases.

    But I’ve got a question: If I want to activate “Private Browsing” it asks me to confirm and I answer “Yes”, but I can’t tell the difference. Also there appears no tickmark beside the words “Private Browsing”. Does it not work right now or does it but without a sign?
    It would be nice to also visually see that you’re in Private Browsing mode. I like how Chrome does it. Maybe the url-bar should have another color when in private-browsing-mode?

  8. Hey, congrats on this! I’ve been keeping track of Rekonq’s progress since it popped up on KDE-Apps.

  9. Hi, it’s me again.
    Just a little idea, dunno if it’s good or even doable.
    Rekonq tries to combine the best of both worlds. WebKit, KDE-integration, etc.
    And for sure you have followed planetkde and saw this post:

    So do you think it would be possible to use V8 as a (or maybe even the standard) JavaScript engine in rekonq? And would it be a great benefit?

  10. >So do you think it would be possible to use V8 as a (or maybe even the standard) JavaScript engine in rekonq?

    V8 is 32-bit only 😦

  11. One feature I’d like to have in Rekonq is Chrome’s tab implementation. It’s great usability wise because you don’t have to precision your mouse vertically. Just drag your mouse against the top and your good to go. After I tried Chrome, I really fell in love with it. It just makes things easy when switching between tabs. It also provides more real estate to the screen. I know it would be inconsistent with KDE’s UI but this feature is too great to miss…

  12. Ehi! This time the main menu bar is always shown and I don’t have to edit /home/lorenzo/.kde4/share/config/rekonqrc anymore! Nice work!
    I already like it better than Arora thanks to kde integration!Keep it up!

  13. I must say congrats to a great browser and congrats for being integrated in the “main” KDE.

    I have now changed to Rekonq as default and I like it…a lot! (only switching to FF at rare occasions when needed).

    I hope the integration into KDE will spawn a whole ecosystem of stand alone add-ons like in Firefox and like all the plasmoids developed for the KDE4.x series.

    If some of the best features of other browsers could be “stolen” – like V8 or squirrelfish and the “each tab is a process” security feature from chrome (and perhaps some UI changes to be a bit “sexier” than the current Konqueror-inspired version) I think this may be one of the best browsers out there when it reaches stability!

    Perhaps it would also be a good thing to utilize the cross-platform abilities of KDE to release a Mac and Win version to attract more developers and users… (although this is perhaps best to do after stability is reached with 1.0 release)

  14. Looking at it, it’s promising.
    Thinking about it, it’s the OSS / FS way. I’d be interested though what was your intention writing a “new” browser instead of a kwebkit / qwebkit part for Konqueror?

    This chould have quite the same result. I’m sure you have thought about this, so what was the key point?

  15. How will rekonq contend with Arora?

    Arora seems to be much more fleshed out, but then it’s been around for a bit longer.

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