July, the 7th

It’s 10 past midnight here, so it’s the 7th now. In case you didn’t notice it (yet..), I’m not at Akademy. That’s because of exams. Anyway, no need for good luck: I’m the teacher, not the student..

Over than exams, last week I had a terrible stomachache with flu and so on. I lost a lot of important things: first akademy impressions, KDE browser (s) debates, sw announces and releases. And I have more than 2 thousands of mails to read!!

So, how long is a week for you?

My doctor (uhm.. wife) said I have not to * this week. She spokes 15 minutes: choose something, drink coffee, drink alcohol, smoke,etc.. and replace the asterisc 😉

To not stress my stomach, she said.. one week, again…

how long is a week for you?

You, this week being at Akademy. In the Canarian Islands. Somebody is really envying you…

One response to “July, the 7th

  1. Hopefully you will feel better soon, sorry to hear you couldn’t visit the GCDS. Possibly I know the feeling, though I don’t receive so much e-mails by far, I’m always annoyed when I miss so much news or have to catch up with reading web feeds of various websites when I return from a short vacation.

    I’m quite curious to know what your opinion is in the recently intensified discussion concerning a replacement browser and/or engine for Konqueror and/or WebKit?

    Are you confident that rekonq will become the best candidate to replace Konqueror, more suited to do so than Arora? Should Konqueror be replaced by a dedicated web browser by default, just like Dolphin replaced Konqueror for file management? How easy is it to use to QtWebKit in rekonq, considering all the complaints heard about it in the recent discussion?

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