The upcoming rekonq

I’m the worst blogger in the planet, I know.. It’s probably that I have no enough time to and when I have some, I prefer spending on my pet project(s). So here you are the news with the upcoming new rekonq version.

New Icon

Lionel “megabigbug” Chauvin is the rekonq developer that designs it. He started talking about concepts (the “gear”, the “world”, the “dragon”, the “ouroboros”) and came out with this.

rekonq icon

I think it’s fantastic. Isn’t it?

A new UI

We like simplicity. And we think a browser has to be simple, exposing all things you need in one click and leaving as much space is possible to the (web) page. So, here is our new UI (quite final, just some elements missing).

rekonq UI

In the new UI you’ll find also some “special effects” like the unfocused tab preview and the enhanced notification system (and no more flickering there).

New Tab Home Page

In this release we are proposing also a tech preview of a “new tab page”, a sort of speed-dial inclusing (for now):

  • favorites, some sites you always want near your pointer
  • last closed tabs, to not browse your history searching them
  • bookmarks, a re-proposal of the bookmarks kio-slave
  • history, simpler searching all history in a full page

We are thinking on some sort of rss support and more for the next versions. And also searching a good name for this feature. has someone something to suggest us?

Session support

rekonq saves now the urls of the actual browsing sites to restore them in the “impossible” case it crashs or to let user restart from them on startup.

Multi Windows

From this release, rekonq can manage more than one window.

multi windows support

Some people asked about, here it is πŸ˜€

KIO (full) integration

Thanks to KDE 4.3 KIO improvements, the KIO::AccessManager new class providing integration between QtWebKit and KIO (and some classes “stolen” from kdewebkit, that we’ll find in KDE 4.4) we rich full KIO integration. And saying full, I mean support for:

  • KDE proxy setting
  • KDE cookie system
  • KIO system download

So, quite everything a browser needs to “kde browse” the net. Many thanks to all devs contributing there. As the next rekonq release (0.4, late Q1 2010) will be kdewebkit based, we’ll also start contributing there. At least with our 2 cents.

And last.. the HandBook!

Thanks to Rohan Garg work there, in rekonq 0.3 we also have an handbook. It needs improvements, obvious. But it will be simple improving something we have πŸ˜€


Here we are.Β  I did my best and I tried exposing all news about. Expect just another blog in the next weeks to inform you about the 0.3 release and to let me present you the “rekonq crew” !


70 responses to “The upcoming rekonq

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  2. Is this icon fantastic??? This is a joke, right?
    Rekonq is a web browser not a japanese manga game. Ill penguin is still better than this Shon Goku’s dragon ball.

  3. I Like very much ReKonq and the new icon.
    The only thing I miss is the Google’s searchbox.

  4. “Speed dial” looks nice but has a couple of issues IMHO. First of all adding new pages there is a bit clumsy. Why can’t I for examle add straight from bookmarks or from the site Im browsing with the left click like “Add to Favorites” or something like that. Second ability to rearrange them would be neat and on third why is there limitiation for only 8 pages?

    Other than those inconviences it’s awesome! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Click to flash support as in arora would fit to rekonq perfectly πŸ˜‰

  5. Great job! This browser has future, I believe. I have nothing to say about the Icon, it’s just fine. But as mentioned before, the UI a bit “unfriendly.” IMHO, if you are going to use the URL bar as a search bar too, it could be switchable between different search engines with a mouse click (as in any decent browser’s searchbar). Writing web shortcuts into the adress bar (like gg, bb, bla bla…) all the time, is very annoying. Second, the toolbar should be configurable (At least, moveable). And third, the “speed dials” are too big. I mean, they could be scaled down. I am writing this entry from my netbook (which has a standard 1024X600 screen resolution) and I can tell you that, when I open a new tab, it only shows three “huge” speed dials in a screen. I have to scroll down to see the others. Nervertheless, this browser has already become my default browser. πŸ™‚ I’m sure these small problems will be fixed in the upcoming version (0.4).

    Keep up good work!

  6. Hello, great job !
    Is there a chance to see unanoying functionalities :
    – AdBlock
    – FlashBlock

    Thanks for !

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