rekonq 0.3.0. Ending point, starting point.

Just a micro blog today to say some facts. In case you live under the rocks, rekonq is a software that has just reached the “perfect social browser” status. In fact all rekonq users tend to try contacting me asking for bugs to fix or features to implement… 😀

Ok, stop joking and let’s see facts:

  • rekonq 0.3.0 has been released today. I’m aware that a lot of distro are just releasing some packages about. If yours is not on the list or you prefer compiling code, you can find it through kde-apps or sf.
  • With this release I can proudly say I reached my first goal: I feel I’m having “something” in my hands and a lot of people to share with. And I’m really happy about.
  • We have a lot of things in our TODO list here and I really can’t wait starting implementing them. So, I really need this release to restart my happy developing nights 😀


56 responses to “rekonq 0.3.0. Ending point, starting point.

  1. I’m now using a self-compiled rekonq 0.3.0 under Ubuntu Jaunty. Overall it seems very nice! I would love to be able to move back to a proper KDE-integrated browser; I’ve been using Firefox for a while since I started to find that early KDE 4’s Konqueror had fallen too far behind in terms of performance. and I’ve recently moved enthusiastically to Chrome as my main browser.

    I would echo the comments by others that, personally, I would really enjoy more (sorry) konqueror-like features, particularly the ability to embed, say, Okular. However, this is also not a deal-breaker to me – the most important thing is to have a fast, flexible, KDE-native browser that’ll fit graphically and integrate with other KDE technologies such as Nepomuk.

    A multiprocess backend like Chrome would be nice, though not essential as long as the browser is fast and stable! Adblock / extensions is not a big deal to me at all, personally, as long as the brwoser is nice!

  2. Ciao,sto compilando le qt4.6 anche se uso kde 4.3.2,volevo sapere se è possibile compilare rekonq dicendogli di usare le nuove qt,che però non saranno quello di default del sistema ma andranno in una cartella a parte,non so quale variabile d’ambiente impostare nel .configure.. o se è cmq possibile provare rekonq con il nuovo modulo qtWebKit delle ultime Qt.Grazie

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