rekonq 0.5 beta, in extragear!

Just a short blog today to announce the immediate availability of rekonq 0.4.90 (0.5 beta) tarballs. As I’m having troubles today with my sf account (rekonq site and tarballs are on sourceforge), you’ll find code just on gitorious (download source from git there) and on kde-apps (the usual tarballs).

If you live under the rocks and you yet don’t know what rekonq is, just let me say that it is a web browser based on (Qt)WebKit that aims to be lightweight and to be well integrated with KDE technologies.

New features for the upcoming 0.5 release are:

  • improved adblock, automagically updating filter lists (+abp scheme support)
  • RSS support
    RSS support
  • new urlbar (tech preview): it’s just nice and more will come..
    new urlbar
  • auto-scrolling
  • downloads history tracked
  • SSL Info support
    SSL Info
  • Bookmarks & history panels improvements
  • bugfixing & users wishes

All rekonq screenshots, as usual, are here.
Another notable thing is that in this development period, rekonq has been accepted in the Extragear Software Collection (has it changed name, accordingly?)

Please, help us to let shine 0.5 stable release, reporting any bug or trouble using it here.

Enjoy rekonq 😉

42 responses to “rekonq 0.5 beta, in extragear!

  1. Hi all, great release! Now there is only one thing that I miss from Konqueror (which is not there even in Firefox): a button on the right to close the current tab. It is very useful when I need to close multiple tabs one after the other without continuing to move the mouse. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. @KBios
    I like more the Chrome solution. The tabs not expand until the pointer of mouse leaves the tabbar.
    It’s a realy great feature.

  3. The new url bar with drop down menu really rocks!
    I’m going to dump chrome again and get back to rekonq as my default browser.

    Keep on the good work 😉

  4. The new url bar is quite slow here (Athlon XP 2400+, 1 Gig Ram). It takes up to five seconds until my typed in text appears and the bar expands.

  5. With the chrome extensions coming for rekonq, can we expect multiple username/password combinations to be saved for one webpage, for example

    One of my pet peeve with KDE-based browsers has been that they refuse to save more than one username/password combination per page. This is not the best case anymore.

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  7. Cool! Will the new features involve a new icon in the future? I don’t really like the current one 🙂

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  9. thanks for your great contribution!

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