Monthly Archives: June 2010

rekonq 0.4.95 (0.5 beta 2) released

Just a mini post today to announce the immediate availability of rekonq 0.4.95. This is due because after 0.4.90 (beta 1) we announced string freeze, but some problems with the setting dialog forced us to break it. My fault, sorry.
And many thanks to all the people contributing with patches, translations, suggestions, bug reports or just coming a minute on IRC to say “your software rocks” or “this xxx browser crashes on startup!” 🙂

As I’m just here, I can also spend 2 lines for a rant about akademy. For the second year, I’m quite sure I will not be there. And that’s because of dates. Is it possible there is no other period than from 20 June to 10 July to do it? That’s a period for exams, at least in Italy and while students have it just once in life, teachers have no choice: they do exams every year…