rekonq 0.4.95 (0.5 beta 2) released

Just a mini post today to announce the immediate availability of rekonq 0.4.95. This is due because after 0.4.90 (beta 1) we announced string freeze, but some problems with the setting dialog forced us to break it. My fault, sorry.
And many thanks to all the people contributing with patches, translations, suggestions, bug reports or just coming a minute on IRC to say “your software rocks” or “this xxx browser crashes on startup!” 🙂

As I’m just here, I can also spend 2 lines for a rant about akademy. For the second year, I’m quite sure I will not be there. And that’s because of dates. Is it possible there is no other period than from 20 June to 10 July to do it? That’s a period for exams, at least in Italy and while students have it just once in life, teachers have no choice: they do exams every year…

32 responses to “rekonq 0.4.95 (0.5 beta 2) released

  1. I am trying rekonq 0.4.95 and find it very good. There is one thing, however, that is annoying me: when I click on a url pointing at, e.g., a pdf file, I can only save the file to the disk. However, I would like to open the file using the proper application or, like Konqueror does, choose whether to save or to open the file. Is it me not able to find the right configuration option or is it something not implemented? Thanks

  2. Hi,

    I love this browser! Good piece of software.

    Maybe al bit more keyboard magic. (sometimes, I don’t like my mouse :p ) So, any plans for access keys or something simmilar? (the numbers that show up when you press ctrl in konqueror) I would really love this.

    greetings and thanks for the good work!

  3. It’s already filled for webkit. First for rekonq, but I think you suggested to move the wish from rekonq to webkit wishlist (if you are Panagiotis Papadopoulos?)

    I hope they are still thinking about it :p

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  5. Hi, I wanted to ask you for a little option:

    Could you add a checkbox that changes the middle click action on a link from opening a new tab to opening a new window?

    That’s because KDE now has a tab system in the tittle bar, and with a little configuration I can use it very well (I’ve done this with Firefox and now I’m very glad). 🙂

    Sorry about my english. :$

  6. Just found rekonq. Just read your rekonq page. way to go. live the linux dream.

  7. We need someyhing like “copy image url” and not “copy image”, so we can share the link.

  8. Hello, thank you for rekonq. i am using it on Pardus. well now it is 0.4.0, i hope soon the upgrade will come. without some problems, it is great more then firefox, chrome and opera! it is like safari. i love it! thanks again.

  9. the inability to copy/paste an image into e-mail is turning into a poison pill for an otherwise great product. attaching just kills the effect.

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