Daily Archives: 14 July, 2010

restarting hacks

I finally finished “my” exams yesterday and now I’m free to restart hacking on 🙂
Yesterday night I moved to KDE SC 4.5 and I have to say that the compilation was incredibly smooth! I had just two problems and just on the beginning: when I finally could compile & install kdelibs, I start my usual compile scripts and this morning everything was ok!
My two problems were:

  1. Phonon: as it seems that Qt 4.7 will ship with phonon 4.4.2, I tried using just that for my needs. This because I’d like to compile Qt with phonon, cause of webkit and some other not so important stuffs. It doesn’t work. It said “installed phonon 4.3.1” and things didn’t work. So, I tried hacking the phonon release version and kdelibs “compiled well” (see point 2 about). That’s not the same with kdebase_runtime. it seems it’s a problem of angular brackets against double quotes one. I could solve it just installing a new phonon copy on my $KDEDIR (btw, I install Qt on /opt/qt and KDE on /opt/kde)
  2. kdelibs depends on docbook-xml 4.2. This is really a pain as slackware releases a docbook-xml 4.5 package. So I started playing a bit with its official slackbuild (the script slackware uses to build packages) and I noticed this:

    # Rewrites for older docbooks. This allows older docbooks to be referenced.
    # It means, however, that you __*shouldn't* have these older docbooks__
    # installed on your system;
    # so if you just keep the Slackware linuxdoc-tools package you'll be fine:
    for DTDVERSION in 4.1.2 4.2 4.3 4.4
    xmlcatalog --noout --add "public" \
    "http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/$DTDVERSION/docbookx.dtd" \

    So I patched kdelibs to compile with docbook-xml 4.5 and everything works well. in compilation and in runtime. So, why the hell do we need 4.2?

This morning, after a short look to this new kde sc minor release, I restarted hacking on what will be rekonq 1.0. First work need visual help (better than explanations):

rekonq 0.5 bar

rekonq 1.0 proposed bar

So, what do you guys think about?