Monthly Archives: August 2010

rekonq 0.6 beta

Ok ok, I promised a 1.0 release for September, but I think this is really not the case. We had a lot of changes in the code, a lot of new “untested” features and some unsolved bugs yet. So, let’s go for another 0.x release! Today is starting the beta period for the 0.6 one and, as usual for the beta release, here is the list of the new features:

  • We are Qt 4.7.0 and KDE SC 4.5.0 based now. Yes, I know, Qt 4.7 has NOT been released yet, but we *want* people using rekonq with QtWebKit 2.0 and the fantastic improvements in its KDE integration available in KDE SC 4.5 series…
  • a lot of code cleanup and performance improvements in bookmarks, history, adblock, newtabpage management. Adblock, in particular has been incredibly boosted and History uses now half of the memory compared with the 0.5 release 🙂
  • back to XMLGUI: This basically means having configurable toolbars (as every KDE app).

    We moved away when we decided to remove menubar from the UI, because it lets possible removing ALL the toolbars, leaving rekonq unusable. We decided to fix this problem in this way 🙂

  • Improved keyboard navigation, having shortcuts for bookmarks(ALT + B by default) && rekonq tools (ALT + T) action menus
  • apturl handling: I don’t know exactly why, but we had problems with this. In rekonq 0.6 it will work well in every system apt based with apturl installed
  • The “so called Awesome UrlBar”: letting searches being editable and adding opensearch suggestions (just google’s for 0.6)
  • a new bookmarks icon on the urlbar (firefox & chrome like). But NOT on the left, as I previously blogged about. It seems the rekonquers prefer it on the right…
  • BK toolbar improvements: drag & drop, smooth navigation, easier management. Spend one minute playing with it and you’ll see..
  • Smooth scrolling, based on konqueror bits (thanks)
  • FindBar Improvements && ZoomBar added (dolphin-like)
  • better kget integration

Hope you’ll enjoy our work. 🙂

P.S.: we are (obviously) also working on this stupid favicons bug. Stay tuned!