rekonq 0.6, firefox 4.0b4, download_i18n.

Hi all, here I am blogging for the well known unwritten rule: blog2release. Rekonq 0.6 stable is out. It will be our first release with (some) periodic bugfixing updates. We worked really hard to fix all bugs/regressions (yes, we had a few in 0.6beta) and now quite everything seems ok. When I say “quite”, I mean that the 2 bugs targeted 0.6 and not yet fixed we’ll hopefully be for 0.6.x 🙂
Not really more to say about, just a little link to our poor website (volunteers to help?) where you can find the tarballs.

In 0.6 beta period, another software has seen a beta release (the forth): Mozilla Firefox. When I say its package coming in slackware testing dir I thought: time to test it! And so i did. Here is a screenshot:

Don’t you notice something familiar? I do 🙂

Last thing: some days ago someone in IRC (cannot remember who and I’m too lazy now to read logs..) asked me about a script we use to download i18n strings. The script is in our scripts/ dir and it is called “download_i18n”. it is really a rude bash script, but it automatically download all po files for rekonq, rename them accordingly to the code language (eg: rekonq_it.po) and check if the translated strings are more than 80% of the total. It worked here for our release. But if you are a packager and you wanna use it, do it at your own risk!!

12 responses to “rekonq 0.6, firefox 4.0b4, download_i18n.

  1. Hi Adjam,

    I’m volunteering for a help on the website, if you want. I love rekonq, and I had lots of fun with drupal for the Skrooge website. If you are interested, get in touch with me 🙂


  2. I’d like to help too designing a new website for rekonq. I have made quite a few websites based on drupal. If you’re interested, just drop me a msg 🙂

  3. Even if i’m not the only one responding for helping you for the website, if you need any work to be done i’d be glad to help too… It can be anything in HTML/CSS or PHP! 😉

    Kind regards, Warren.

  4. Great! Glad to see the release. I apologize if this has already been answered, but are there any plans to upstream the back/forward button support so the rest of KDE can make use of it (or is that even feasible)? This is one of the most-wanted and oldest feature requests in all of KDE.

  5. Hi Adjam

    The INSTALL file still mentions Qt 4.6, and it would be useful to repeat that Rekonq is Qt 4.7 and KDE 4.5 based in the actual release announcement and on the news in future – saves us packagers from working too hard and trying to build it vs old versions of Qt…



  6. Andrea Diamantini

    @ gdebure, Yiannis, Warren Dumortier: it will be fantastic having your help about. Just come in our mailing list ( with a sort of proposal about the site, explaining also the requirements.

  7. I shortage to separate here your website reinforce with the superfluity of information stick serving providers like you.

  8. yes, you made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people don´t realy trouble about it.

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