rekonq 0.7 alpha

Really long time no blogging, this time… In case you missed something, I’m the one who started this project about a simple and lightweight browser for KDE with a strange name as first feature 😉
And now, this funny project, after a lot of code, fun and discussions reached the first alpha of the 0.7 version. We, the “rekonquers”, are all proud of this 😀
What’s new in this release? Here is a brief changelog:

– a new website: (
– OpenSearch support (XML & JSON parsers)
– Better cache management (WebKit Page Cache feature support)
– enhanced Private Browsing mode (needs KDE SC 4.6)
– new restore session notification system
– Images in visual suggestions
– Various improvements in bookmarks management
– Optional tab list menu entry
– User Agent switch support
– Save zoom settings per host

Here you are! You know everything now! For you, a new toy to play with, for us a full month (or more) to fix bugs, clean up code, implement automatic tests and so on…


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