rekonq: release candidate for 0.7

And finally… the RC! This will be hopefully the last unstable release on the road to our shining 0.7 version. If everything will go smooth we’ll have a 0.7 stable in a couple of weeks!
In 0.6.95 (the version number for the RC) you’ll find a lot of nice news: in fact all the reproducible crash bugs have been fixed as a lot of the issues targetted for 0.7. Ah… and you’ll find localization included in the source package, too!
Many thanks to all rekonq contributors and supporters.
Enjoy 🙂

5 responses to “rekonq: release candidate for 0.7

  1. Is there any progress for extension support?

  2. Andrea Diamantini

    I’m actually testing/writing/valuating some code about while managing the bugfix period.
    As declared, we will have extension support for 0.8.

  3. Sunil Khiatani

    sweet! Rekonq is quickly becoming my favorite browser!

  4. Hi, Andrea… It seems that Rekonq doesn’t remember the zoom preference for each web page.

  5. Or, at least, could you add an option to set the default zoom for every web page? I use 170% almost everytime, because I have a wide screen lcd.

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