rekonq 0.7 stable!!

Yes, it’s that time again!
Rekonq code has finally reached the stable level to let us release the 0.7.0 version.
We had in this time the longest bugfixing period in rekonq development history and I have to say that in my system, that is:
– Qt 4.7.x, compiled from 4.7-stable branch
– KDE SC 4.6.x, compiled from branch
– rekonq compiled from master branch
I could reproduce any of the crash bugs reported in bugzilla!!
Anyway, as it seems someone could, we’ll stand (as usual) with eyes open and ready to the eventual bugfix + patch release in a while.
Here is a brief feature list to summarize what you can expect in this release over the 0.6 one:
– OpenSearch support (XML & JSON parsers) on urlbar suggestions
– Better cache management (WebKit Page Cache feature support)
– enhanced Private Browsing mode (needs KDE SC 4.6)
– new restore session notification system (you’ll hopefully never see it…) 😉
– Images in urlbar visual suggestions
– Various improvements in bookmarks management
– Optional tab list menu entry (more will come in tabs management)
– User Agent switch support
– Save zoom settings per host
– Reenable raster graphics system by default on linux (basically, this means better webkit performance)
– an enormous number of bugs fixes (a search on bugzilla against rekonq bugs closed in 2011 says 214!!! But… was 0.6 that bad??)

Enjoy rekonq 😉

41 responses to “rekonq 0.7 stable!!

  1. I’m still eagerly waiting for the forms history feature. Is there any progress on it?

  2. W00t! Cant’ wait for it to come out kubuntu!
    0.6 is great, but compared to the features on ff4 and chrome, it left a lot to be desired.

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