Back Hacking

Yes, just a side note to say that from now on I’ll have an half day free every day. So I’ll have free time for books, children, beach and… hacking 😀
This last month was very busy for me, so I couldn’t really find time for my pet project. But now it’s time to come $title!
In this period I could anyway find some time to think about the things to do rekonq related. So, here is a short & uncomplete todo list:

  • Port to KDE SC 4.7: it seems next KDE release will have some nice improvements for kdewebkit browsers 😉
  • Test against QtWebKit 2.2, the next long waited QtWebkit release
  • (Finally) work on the “active” version: this point needs a separate blog post, coming in the next days
  • Plugins support: the “active” blog post will probably explain this better. Basically, we will have this with the first KDE5 rekonq release
  • Improvements & bugfixing for the next stable release: some suspence here
  • GSOC work: tabs management. Tirtha is just talking enough about his fantastic job 🙂

Ok, just some spare things remaining.

First, My notebook is going to probably leave me in some days 😦
Its monitor sometimes become misteriously black and the dell bios check software says: “error 2000-0321. Cannot access to EDID EEPROM”. Nothing found on the Internet could really help me. I just noticed that the black screen happens much less with a kernel >= 2.6.38.

Second, I took the opportunity from works on my notebook to install arch linux there instead of my beloved slackware. And just to be sure, I’m increasing my karma in the art of backup 🙂

Last, I booked the flight for Berlin this summer. I’m incredibly late, so that I have to book a room there by tomorrow. I’ll be to Desktop Summit from Aug, 05 to Aug, 09. Anyone wanna share a room with me?

I'm going to the Desktop Summit 2011

4 responses to “Back Hacking

  1. Talking about “KDE 5”, are there any plans to move rekonq from extragear to KDE “SC”? It sounds like it would make sence now that rekonq will the be default web browser for Plasma Active (if I understood correctly) and is already used as default by KDE distors.

    Awesome work anyhow.

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated. I’m sure the KDE5 Rekonq +plugins release will gonna rock even more than now.

  3. Half a day free! That is awesome news 🙂
    Really good news for Rekonq development 😉

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