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rekonq, 1 feature a week. #2

Next monday, next feature. The second for this summer series. This week I need to break the features order to talk about the one absolutely needing comments and opinions.
In fact I started playing a bit with our code SSL related, to try at least to improve dialogs and warnings. And so I did. I started taking a look at Firefox and Chrome UIs, kdelibs SSL code, konqueror code (we copied in our first implementation) and blah blah. After a couple of mornings playing with my code and testing against some real https sites and a local one shipping an unvalid certificate, here are the results:
– code has been merged in master five minutes ago (rekonq 0.7.57).
– a couple of screenshots are here down. All the others rekonq related are here.

SSL widget

SSL widget

SSL Dialog

SSL Dialog

Comments are welcome.
Enjoy 😉


rekonq, 1 feature a week. #1

Here I am, talking about this new intention for my weeks before the desktop summit. While I hope that the title is quite self-explanatory, I have now to make a confession: it’s just two weeks that I started this and things seem going well 🙂
So, without further ado, here is the first new feature in this summer series: rekonq ported to use the new KMessageWidget class, available with KDE SC 4.7. Images are mandatory:

So, this means that rekonq 0.8 will depend on the upcoming SC 4.7.
Obviously this may sound strange (ehi, all this just for a new cool widget??). But, while I’d like to reply with a big YES here, the truth is a bit different: there are at least other 2 features/bugfixing to code for rekonq 0.8 thanks to it 😀

Ok, that’s all for now. See you next Monday. And stay tuned.

UPDATE: As pointed out from someone, the “preview selector bar” contains an informational message. So, here you are the right screenshot: