rekonq, 1 feature a week. #1

Here I am, talking about this new intention for my weeks before the desktop summit. While I hope that the title is quite self-explanatory, I have now to make a confession: it’s just two weeks that I started this and things seem going well 🙂
So, without further ado, here is the first new feature in this summer series: rekonq ported to use the new KMessageWidget class, available with KDE SC 4.7. Images are mandatory:

So, this means that rekonq 0.8 will depend on the upcoming SC 4.7.
Obviously this may sound strange (ehi, all this just for a new cool widget??). But, while I’d like to reply with a big YES here, the truth is a bit different: there are at least other 2 features/bugfixing to code for rekonq 0.8 thanks to it 😀

Ok, that’s all for now. See you next Monday. And stay tuned.

UPDATE: As pointed out from someone, the “preview selector bar” contains an informational message. So, here you are the right screenshot:

19 responses to “rekonq, 1 feature a week. #1

  1. 1 feature each week? Teaser! Cant wait to see what else is cooking…

  2. 1 feature each week? Teaser! Cant wait to see what else is cooking…

  3. That KMessageWidget looks weird …

    Also, Rekonq is still not quite usable for me. No real working Flash, no HTML 5 video (no-go!), no box-shadow and text-shadow (BUT CSS ANIMATIONS wtf!).

    And it just feels weird to work with, tab handling, it just does not feel right, cannot explain it in words but closing tabs and opening new pages in new tabs just feels weird.

  4. Widget looks nice, but from a design perspective I beg you… *please* drop the dayglo, gaudy yellow colour! Reqonks always had a nice subtle, minimalist look that this would destroy. Personally I’d go with something more subtle (yes, even for a notification) like #e6ffff or if you feel you *must* have yellow #ffe6ff

  5. Nice to see a rekonq post, haven’t seen many of those lately. Can I request that one of these features of the week be spell checking support ? Isn’t there a spell checking plasmoid, wouldn’t one be able to reuse that code in rekonq? I would really appreciate it.

    • About spelling checking, I’m aware one of our developers (please, let me call her this way 😉 ) is working to provide it directly inside QtWebKit. Not sure it will be available for 2.2 (or ever). Here is the bug link (
      Anyway, all these QML and WebKit2 news are forcing us to reflect a bit about the QtWebKit project, in general.

      • Stan aka Xeno

        Is’t it the same reason there’s no forms content storing? IIRC once someone asked for it and the reason given was qt had no method to access content of the form before submitting.

        BTW. If one look for a usefull feature, I’d love to have adblock using Network Analyzer, something close to what Konqueror did. It showed list of blockable objects. On selection addres was shown in bar where one could edit the addres and add/remove the addres to/from black/whitelist.
        In fact I liked Konqueror adblock more than all those Firefox adblock extensions just because of it’s power and flexibility.

  6. @BajK: your version of QtWebKit is either very old or was built oddly. i have all the features you list, in fact i’m listening to music playing in an HTML5 video in rekonq right now. 🙂

  7. @Bugsbane: it follows the desktop colour scheme

  8. That I like, I was wondering if you’d implement the KMessageWidget. I think it looks great, and gives it one design for the whole KDE SC World.

    The only thing I don’t like about the KMessageWidget screenshot is, that compared to other browsers (Opera, Firefox) it’s a quite large frame (in rekonq ~2x the size of a tab) where other browsers keep it more decent.

  9. Is there still that nasty dialogue, asking me to save a safari.jsp file whenever I click on a link? And is rekonq still quite slow, compared to firerox 4?And does it still crash sometimes?

  10. I take the chance to ask about a feature planned for 0.8 release but seems very far: extensions support. For me is a killer feature: any news?

  11. @ Burke: I think your last option to know about is to try rekonq again…

    @ gcala: ok, “extensions support” is a nice feature. But, who do you think is going to implement the extensions? Why do you *really* need? (read: what is your missing feature?)

    • I would really like to have an plugin interface like in Kate so that I can independently work on one of the following things:
      – secure online bookmarks sync (like, or better compatible with Firefox Sync, im not using chromium anymore because of that)
      – website screen shot (create an screen shot (png) of the entire website with scrolling down)
      – NoScript
      – close the browser with the last tab
      – YouTube video downloader (I will not install a proprietary flashplayer)

      • Ehi, I was talking singular (what IS your…) 😀
        The bookmark sync is in 0.8 grand plan, without plugins. At least with ownCloud support.
        About the others (and the plugin interface, in general)… let’s see what will happen, this summer!

  12. @Aaron: Well, don’t know the exact version but am using Rekonq 0.7.0 on Kubuntu 11.04

    And please: Remove that confusing “Open the web page you want to add and click “Add to favorites”” bar… just make an ordinary input field like you have ANYWHERE else. (As an option, sure, but it is annoying if you just want to add some bookmarks)

    • Aaron was not talking about rekonq, but about WebKit. Precisely, the QtWebKit version installed into your box.
      I hope that when QtWebKit 2.2 will be released as stable, hopefully in a month or two, a lot of these webkit related problems will be definitely closed.

      • Yes, I know that 🙂 Was just saying which distro I use, don’t know which QtWebkit version it has, though
        But well, it is: 2.0.2 (lol at the package name “2.1~really2.0.2-0ubuntu1” 😀
        I hope there will be a PPA for qtwebkit 2.2, can’t wait for it. But still a weird thing that CSS Animations (which are far more complex and not even in the specs yet?) are supported just fine while box-shadow and text-shadow (that don’t have a -webkit or -moz prefix anymore) don’t

    • about the “favorites management” thingy… you’re probably right! Added the ability to add a favorite just by clicking 2 times in the bookmark icon. Pushed today with commit 994b241c6.
      You’ll have it on master next week and in rekonq 0.8 at the end of summer. Hope you like it 😉

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