Daily Archives: 2 August, 2011

rekonq, 1 feature a week. #3 and #4

Yes, maybe someone of you noticed I missed last week blog. I could probably find a lot of excuses here about :D, but the truth is that I’m not that big “blogger”: I tried to do it regularly because I’m aware how much important communication is and because I find this a fantastic way to debate about “rekonq-things” with people. So, without further ado, let’s start the list. Two weeks, two features, right? No! Three “half” features: isn’t it the same?

Tab Preview Improvements: mandatory screenshot

Just let me add here that this is NOT just a nice improvement, but also a new contribution. Let’s call it a junior jobs! The developer’s name is Vyacheslav Blinov: an huge thank and welcome aboard to him 🙂

Second “half” feature comes from KIO: Do Not Track.

Please, be aware that this is obviously shared with all kio-http/kde applications.

Last half feature, where “half” here means half-implemented is … (drum roll)… syncronization!
Rekonq 0.8 will probably/hopefully sync your bookmarks/history/password using an ownCloud server 😀
is this really true? I am not even sure myself about. Anyway, here is my first code about (it’s in the SYNC_FEATURE branch on rekonq git repo) and here is (as usual, I try doing it everytime as I really hate when people talk about something without letting you see…) the screenshot about sync settings:

For now I can just ensure it works in my box (and my wife’s) with my user. I hope desktopsummit will be a nice place to debate about and improve it.

See you there!