rekonq, 1 feature a week. #3 and #4

Yes, maybe someone of you noticed I missed last week blog. I could probably find a lot of excuses here about :D, but the truth is that I’m not that big “blogger”: I tried to do it regularly because I’m aware how much important communication is and because I find this a fantastic way to debate about “rekonq-things” with people. So, without further ado, let’s start the list. Two weeks, two features, right? No! Three “half” features: isn’t it the same?

Tab Preview Improvements: mandatory screenshot

Just let me add here that this is NOT just a nice improvement, but also a new contribution. Let’s call it a junior jobs! The developer’s name is Vyacheslav Blinov: an huge thank and welcome aboard to him πŸ™‚

Second “half” feature comes from KIO: Do Not Track.

Please, be aware that this is obviously shared with all kio-http/kde applications.

Last half feature, where “half” here means half-implemented is … (drum roll)… syncronization!
Rekonq 0.8 will probably/hopefully sync your bookmarks/history/password using an ownCloud server πŸ˜€
is this really true? I am not even sure myself about. Anyway, here is my first code about (it’s in the SYNC_FEATURE branch on rekonq git repo) and here is (as usual, I try doing it everytime as I really hate when people talk about something without letting you see…) the screenshot about sync settings:

For now I can just ensure it works in my box (and my wife’s) with my user. I hope desktopsummit will be a nice place to debate about and improve it.

See you there!

15 responses to “rekonq, 1 feature a week. #3 and #4

  1. Nice features! Is the synchronization to owncloud hard-coded or will it be possible to write additional back-ends for other synchronization services?

    • uhm… to say the truth, you don’t really need ownCloud at all, actually. You just need a remote http/ftp server.

      • That is good. But what if you want to connect to a particular online syncrhonization service?

        • What are you referring about, exactly? obviously import from Firefox/Chrome is easily available, but sync from eg Google Bookmarks or Firefox Sync is impossible. This is so also between Firefox and Chrome. It’s the old story of open/closed source…

          • Will it be possible to atleast download (not expecting, upload) from xmarks?

          • Jonathan Verner

            Can you tell me what is closed about Firefox Sync? The spec is public, there are public implementations of both the server and a client… What else do you want?

            • Right, my fault here. I was referring there to the fact that Google is not exposing sync APIs about bookmarks, etc.
              Firefox Sync has a public, not that easy, API. We’ll see what we can do about.

  2. Looks really nice. I have to check rekonq again, I think.
    Is the DNT-Header checkbox active by default? I would recommend this from data privacy’s point of view.

  3. I set up my mom a new computer and since Chromium didn’t want her original Profile folder anymore and froze after 30 seconds of use, I thought: Why not give her Rekonq instead.
    And after half an hour she complained about the frequent crashes and Flash and whatever … so, no Rekonq for her … and none for me πŸ™‚
    Okay it somewhat is Canonical’s fault as they still ship QtWebkit 2.0 whereas 2.2 is the current one but on the other hand rekonq still doesn’t feel right to use anymore. It’s more of a subtle unconcious feeling that I cannot exactly describe but … I just can’t use this thing for excessive surfing and coding 😦

  4. Nice stuff! But I think the “Do not track” checkbox should say just that, nobody wants to know what DNT means. Apart from that it’s all very good.
    @BajK: I also feel somehow that rekonq still needs a bit more of something, I would say speed, specially in things like scrolling tab change, etc (handling the interface, not page load speed)

  5. @Baik, Damian: it seems to me you’re comparing/evaluating rekonq against Chromium or ${your default browser}. And just this is really cool from my POV. I hope the QtWebKit 2.2 / KDE SC 4.7 / rekonq 0.8 mix will give the missing feelings πŸ˜€

  6. @Andrea Diamantini: Of course I am πŸ™‚ I am in deep believe that rekonq will one day be better than the competitors πŸ™‚ A browser that is as easy as Chromium, as feature-rich as well and deeply integrated into KDE (which all other browsers are not). Great!
    It’s just that using the browser, don’t know, feels different to me. And to be honest: The favorites page with that totally complicated adding of pages is totally unusable for me πŸ™‚ But I am currently involved in other UI stuff that I want to have fixed first (Mouse gestures, various KCMs) so I can atm not contribute to rekonq but I am definitly planning to πŸ™‚
    Oh and yes, QtWebkit 2.2 sounds promising. I will look if I can compile it myself and test it πŸ™‚

  7. Nice work… previews are well done and OwnCloud sync is a must (now I need only to lear to confugre OwnCloud and find a server).

    Howerever if you wanna ideas for week 5# and 6# consider this (come from Chrom*ium):
    1) let the possibility (a checkable option I mean) to add a bar on the top of the page, when a page is not in the system language, to translate it (e.g. with google translate);
    2) when there is a 404 error (or maybe other errors) in the error page insert a link to google cache of the same page, i.e.:
    “the page is not reachable at the moment, you could try

    The secon I think is not difficult to implement (of curse they both depends on Google services and so blabla…).

    Great job,

  8. In the name of the ownCloud team, I’d like to say a big thank you! We are very excited about this.

    See you at Desktop Summit!

  9. It looks like the next release is going to be amazing!
    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the great browser!

    Unfortunately for you, I also have a few questions:
    1) Why aren’t all these good news available on rekonq’s website?
    2) Any idea about when the next release will be ready?
    3) I haven’t heard anything in a while about the extensions. How is it going?

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