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rekonq 0.7.92 (aka 0.8beta3)

Yes, I know. I missed 0.8beta2 release blogging… but it was just 2 days ago. And I need to release another beta to fix some “licensing” issues found in some files and to finally start string freeze for 0.8. Translations as usual will be present in RC package, if released and in stable one.
In this first bugfixing period we focused about the need of support from this release the upcoming QtWebKit 2.2 library, as it just reached the “release candidate” state and it contains huge improvements and fixes compared with the actual 2.0.x one.
So, basically no more excuses for us 🙂
In the while, we are trying to clean/fix/fast up rekonq code. Hopefully, this is going to be a really nice release 😀


rekonq 0.8 beta1

Here we are again, as promised, blogging about last rekonq development release.
As usual, here is the list of the new features implemented:

  • AdBlock: Third Party rules support
  • custom urlbar context menu (paste & go action, etc..)
  • set editable feature (for developers)
  • tabs history included in tabs restore
  • UI changes (in rekonq menu)
  • quit closes app (and added option to close window by closing last tab)
  • use KParts to view page source (and do not download source twice)
  • “click” mechanism to manage favorites
  • SSL UIs rewamped
  • “Do Not Track” feature
  • history, time first visit added
  • Tab messages using KMessageWidget
  • improved drag’n’drop
  • vi style navigation (optional)
  • ctrl + number favorites shortcuts

Just let me point out that this release will be fully tested against Qt 4.7.x, QtWebKit 2.0.x and KDE SC 4.7. It seems in fact that the upcoming and shining QtWebKit 2.2 will be released too late to properly test it against our new release.
Anyway, after this important month of clean up and bugfixing, we’ll try to prepare a new shining release (or at least its beta) for Christmas, fully tested against QtWebKit 2.2 and containing last announced features. Don’t let me say more about for the moment: let us work instead to let the upcoming stable release shine 🙂

Andrea and the rekonq crew.

rekonq: what about the web apps?

Some days ago, my kde friend Kyriakos sent me a mail about Gnome and (sandboxed) web apps. He just pointed me a couple of links, saying something like “ehy, what about rekonq news? we are missing them!”. Unfortunately, holidays are finished 😦 and free time has been drastically reduced. Anyway, that morning I spent a couple of hours to realize this.

Hope you like it 🙂

“Technically” speaking, I just created a small executable based on a kwebview, “kwebapp”, and added to rekonq the ability to create a desktop file calling “kwebapp CURRENTURL”.

This is obviously 0.9 material and will be released on Christmas together with the sync feature (not ready for 0.8, sorry) and with (hopefully) Tirtha’s GSOC about tabs handling.

Hey but… what about 0.8??? It has been tagged today. Just give me 1/2 days to blog about 😀