rekonq 0.8 beta1

Here we are again, as promised, blogging about last rekonq development release.
As usual, here is the list of the new features implemented:

  • AdBlock: Third Party rules support
  • custom urlbar context menu (paste & go action, etc..)
  • set editable feature (for developers)
  • tabs history included in tabs restore
  • UI changes (in rekonq menu)
  • quit closes app (and added option to close window by closing last tab)
  • use KParts to view page source (and do not download source twice)
  • “click” mechanism to manage favorites
  • SSL UIs rewamped
  • “Do Not Track” feature
  • history, time first visit added
  • Tab messages using KMessageWidget
  • improved drag’n’drop
  • vi style navigation (optional)
  • ctrl + number favorites shortcuts

Just let me point out that this release will be fully tested against Qt 4.7.x, QtWebKit 2.0.x and KDE SC 4.7. It seems in fact that the upcoming and shining QtWebKit 2.2 will be released too late to properly test it against our new release.
Anyway, after this important month of clean up and bugfixing, we’ll try to prepare a new shining release (or at least its beta) for Christmas, fully tested against QtWebKit 2.2 and containing last announced features. Don’t let me say more about for the moment: let us work instead to let the upcoming stable release shine 🙂

Andrea and the rekonq crew.

36 responses to “rekonq 0.8 beta1

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  2. the only bad thing about rekonq is his javascript engine. Is to slow on ajax pages.

    good work!

  3. great work!!! from Argentina!!!

  4. Great job! Thank you so much for your work guys! Keep it up 😉

  5. Hope I’m not being annoying. I have made a question about a problem in KDE-Apps. I have knowledge that there are other users who also have the problem (It has been mentioned in Kubuntu-es forum). I would like to know if you have any idea if the problem is related to rekonq, Kubuntu or KDE, so I can report it to the right place.

  6. Kyriakos Brastianos

    Nice to see that 0.8 is coming soon and finally will be fully compatible with KDE 4.7! The favorites shortcut was essential and i am sure that do not track will be useful for many.

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  8. What about russian translate?

  9. Have you any plans provide a hardware acceleration in rekonq?

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