rekonq 0.8 stable!

Here we are, finally! After a long, hard and busy bugfixing period, we finally fixed all the stopper bugs for the first 0.8 stable release. If you live under the rocks and you really don’t know yet what rekonq is, just click here and here or here and… to take a look about by yourself!
We can proudly say that rekonq 0.8 when used against the new shining QtWebKit 2.2.0 is an HUGE improvement compared to the previous release.
As said in the first blog of the 0.8 release series, it comes with these new features:

  • AdBlock: Third Party rules support
  • custom urlbar context menu (paste & go action, …)
  • set editable
  • restore tab’s history
  • UI changes (in rekonq menu)
  • quit closes app (and added option to close window by closing last tab)
  • use KParts to view page source
  • “click” mechanism to manage favorites
  • “Do Not Track” feature
  • history, time first visit added
  • Tab messages using KMessageWidget
  • improved drag’n’drop
  • vi style navigation (optional)
  • ctrl + number favorites shortcuts
  • SSL UIs rewamped

About this last feature, I’d like to give some clarifications about the security advisory reported here.
While rekonq was affected (as every KDE app using KSSL) from CVE-2011-3365 (KSSL), fixed now in the KDE SC 4.7.x branch, CVE-2011-3366 (rekonq) is about code coming from our new SSL UI, that has been (obviously) fixed BEFORE 0.8 release (and so it has never been really released: neither 0.7 nor 0.8 are affected).

Last note: never as in this release, people reporting bugs, giving us feedback and comments has been important. So, an huge THANKS to all you, people. This is YOUR release!

So, what are you waiting here yet? Download, compile, package, share, install, use, browse, have fun!! And if you like this release, you’ll be astonished from the incredible new features we are preparing for the next rekonq!
Stay tuned.


38 responses to “rekonq 0.8 stable!

  1. Thanks for this awesome web browser. Downloading now!

  2. >AdBlock: Third Party rules support

    Nice 🙂 pretty much the only reason I was not using rekonq, and very likely the reason I will.


  3. Kyriakos Brastianos

    Thank you Andrea and all the people that helped for this great release. Rekonq rocks!

  4. Is this the version that can sync bookmarks to ownCloud? I’ve been wanting this feature since Firefox introduced it, but using it on FF is so *&%%$&$ complicated that I’ve never gotten it to work reliably.

  5. Tomáš Chvátal

    The tarball is kinda broken.

    It states that it is tar.bz2 but it is just plain uncompressed tar.

    Could you repack it?

  6. I want it in Oneiric Ocelot repositary now ! =))

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  9. this project REALLY needs to change its logo. what’s with the autoerotic mirror dragon?

    while we’re at it, the name blows (pun intended) too. time for rebranding!

    • I think the logo is cool also rekonq isn’t a bad name. Though maybe the name should sound like it’s something to do with robot dragons. Like maybe Pyrotron, Megadraca or something.

  10. Rekonq keeps rocking 😉

  11. The vi shortcuts don’t seem to work for me… Are they supposed to be the same as or similar to those in Vimperator?

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  13. What about webgl support?

    • The problem is just that we are not exposing QtWebKit option to enable it. It will be my first job during 0.9 development cycle so that it will be easier to grab it.

  14. Does it support yet? if not is is not usable for anyon privacy aware… otherwise good job!

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