rekonq 0.8.1

Yes, it seems I’m actually blogging just to announce releases. Free time is a dream in this period for me and I usual relax just on the sofa in front of the tv or reading/writing code 😀
Anyway, as titled, time for the first bugfix release in the 0.8 rekonq browser series: 0.8.1!
You’ll find there a dozen of bugs fixed and hopefully all the translations available. In fact I learnt the existence of the releaseme script, a useful tool to release KDE software. Thanks to the i18n guy pointing that out to me (Burkhard?) and to stikonas and apachelogger on IRC for any help to let it work as desired.
While I’m not sure there will be a 0.8.2 (it depends on the bugfixes “0.8 compatible” available), I’d like to say that everything is going well for next feature release (with web apps support, refactored user agent & download management code and obviously… sync) and you’ll see a first “technologic preview” of it (I ever dreamt to say it!!!) just at the end of this month!

So, have a nice day. And enjoy rekonq!

17 responses to “rekonq 0.8.1

  1. Congratulations! rekonq continues to improve and consolidate.

    Is there a post somewhere detailing what the web app support entails?

  2. Thanks adjam, I love it – much better than pinned tabs in firefox/chrome. Now I can easily setup separate web apps for google music etc.

    Will there be session restore support? 🙂

  3. This is all nice and all, but when are Chrome extensions and KWallet support coming?

    • I’m interested in chrome extensions too. Some words about this would be nice.
      Anyway, great work, keep it up.

    • KWallet support is here since… 5 stable releases!! Chrome extensions is something we can think about and now we have also someone actively work on it. Do you think it is a “two days” work implementing it?

  4. Rekonq has had kwallet support for quite some time

    • You’re right, it does indeed (although strangely enough guys on IRC told me otherwise). But the comment about extension still stands.

      By the way, i don’t really want extensions per se as much as i would like to have Ghostery-like and NoScript-like functionality, as not all websites support Do-Not-Track option, and disabling cookies/JavaScript is, well, kind of an overkill. Although things like Scrapbook would be too nice to have.

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  6. Thanks for the bugfixes! They’re much appreciated. I’m also excited as a kitten with a dead mouse over sync with ownCloud. I use many computers and love FireFox but FireFox sync seems completely unusable if you ever have to wipe the first computer (as it seems to make you confirm adding any other computers on it). OwnCloud sync + rekonq sounds perfect!

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  8. I don’t think that much has been fixed. If the browser isn’t able to render the webpages correctly, and with a decent speed, so, the browser is not complying with its main function; to render web documents.

    This is how Rekonq actually renders web pages:

    This is how Web pages must be rendered:

    I can get that youtube page correctly rendered in Rekonq as I reload it, but, it has to be necesary to reload webpages in order to see them correclty?.

    • Just let me say your comment “sucks”. If you prefer firefox over rekonq, just use it, it’s free software.
      On the other side, if you’d like to use rekonq, you could have reported your bug and noted a duplicated entry in bug:256104 (that btw it is NOT a rekonq bug).

      • Sorry, my mistake, I was a little upset that I dind’t notice that I haven’t changed the name of that picture referring to Rekonq, at least Rekonq is better for me, I use it as my personal web browser because at least my family are so used to firefox, I already reported the bug in the product that really belongs (kio_http), it is number 289019 if you want to see it.

        And Thanks for developing a fast web browser that integrates very well with KDE, I didn’t gave you the thanks for your work :).

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