Rekonq 0.9.2

Hi all,
as usual, just a short note to announce the availability of rekonq 0.9.2. This is probably and hopefully last bugfixing step in 0.9 series of our beloved web browser, with the next feature release approaching.
For sure, this is the recommended tag for the 0.9 series, given that you can find more than 10 bugs fixed between 0.9.1 and 0.9.2! So please, download the tarball now or knock your distro to have it packaged ASAP!!! 😀
This rekonq release is very important for me, being this the first one sponsored by Blue-Systems!!! An huge thanks to them letting me play all the afternoons with rekonq code!
Here we are, said about release and sponsorship, I have some more news to tell: I’ll blog about in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

14 responses to “Rekonq 0.9.2

  1. nice. I’ve builded the source on kubuntu yesterday. I love rekonq

  2. Updating Fedora – is Changelog available somewhere? There’s one in tarball but only for 0.9. It’s always good to attract users to update with a nice update description 🙂

  3. just installed on chakra! 🙂

  4. I am using rekonq 0.9.1 from Kubuntu 12.04 and find that tags do not give an italic display. Is this one of the bugs that has been fixed in 0.9.2? Thanks.

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  7. Debian has still rekonq 0.9.0, does 0.9.2 depend on KDE 4.8?

  8. rekonq does not know how to handle this protocol: http
    Ubuntu 12.10
    rekonq 0.9.80

    • myswiat, I don’t think a comment in an old post is the right place for a bug report.
      But, as you are the only one with such a strange problem, I fear this is your own system bug. So, please check it before reporting in kde bug database.

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