Monthly Archives: August 2012

rekonq 1.1

Just a short post today to announce the immediate availability of rekonq 1.1. There are 10 or more bugs fixed since 1.0. In particular, this should fix all troubles with the upgrade to KDE 4.9 related to the search engines. Unfortunately I could not yet fix the problem reported about download dir “management”. But if you don’t know what I’m referring about… well…no worries and go straight on!
You may have noticed I updated also rekonq website. I did it while following last sunday’s football matches. That’s because the guy offering to create on our new website is having problems at work and had to postphone his work on it. Anyway, shouldn’t be that bad for one month or two 🙂
Next update will arrive with infos about 2.0. In two weeks from now.
Stay tuned. Enjoy rekonq 😉