rekonq 1.1

Just a short post today to announce the immediate availability of rekonq 1.1. There are 10 or more bugs fixed since 1.0. In particular, this should fix all troubles with the upgrade to KDE 4.9 related to the search engines. Unfortunately I could not yet fix the problem reported about download dir “management”. But if you don’t know what I’m referring about… well…no worries and go straight on!
You may have noticed I updated also rekonq website. I did it while following last sunday’s football matches. That’s because the guy offering to create on our new website is having problems at work and had to postphone his work on it. Anyway, shouldn’t be that bad for one month or two 🙂
Next update will arrive with infos about 2.0. In two weeks from now.
Stay tuned. Enjoy rekonq 😉

11 responses to “rekonq 1.1

  1. The one thing I miss which keeps me on firefox is live rss bookmarks. Any plans for such a feature?

  2. Please place zoom options back as it was:

    This zoom bar is awfully terrible of being so big and Google already pointed out in chrome that you went ok when added this widget to the menu (they turned out to use the very same thing for zooming in chrome few weeks/days after you sadly gave up this neat idea).

    I’m following closely and waiting big time for chrome extensions!

    BTW, is rekonq making use of QML yet? I think it still doesn’t right?

    Anyway, thank you for your great work!

  3. Hi Andrea, have you plan to create password sync for Rekonq with Firefox Sync and Chrome/Chromium?

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  5. Ciao Andrea, ho notato che sui forum, quando si clicca sul link per visualizzare il primo messaggio non letto in un topic, al carimento nella stessa scheda funziona alla perfezione, invece se si apre tramite una nuova scheda la posizione è più in basso e quindi non allineata al primo messaggio non letto. Te ne eri accorto?

    Uso rekonq 1.1 su Arch Linux x64. Nella prossima versione sarà corretto? Grazie. 🙂

  6. Vediamo quello che si può fare. Ciao.

  7. Love the browser, but I must admit that I am addicted to mu Chrome extension. They would not be compatible?

  8. Strangely, my problem with the default search engine refusing to set didn’t come into existance until after this update. Am I alone in this situation or have others experienced this as well?

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