rekonq 1.2

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of rekonq 1.2. You may know, rekonq is a web browser based on webkit & kde technologies that aims to be fast & lightweight.

This stable release contains just some bugfixes over the 1.1 one and should be the last for the 1.x series. In fact, the core development is moving to the upcoming 2.x series, where some big news have been announced: you may notice the most notable one in the screenshot here 🙂

rekonq 2 preview

News about the 2.x series and a first technologic preview is expected for the end of this month, while a first stable release is planned for Christmas.

Enjoy rekonq 🙂

43 responses to “rekonq 1.2

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  6. Feature request: Make the URI in the location bar dragable (firefoxlike).
    So that the current URI can be dropped into a folder in the bookmarks bar.

  7. would be nice to see this on windows 🙂

  8. Hey man, I am looking forward for new version 2.0. I hope that Incognito mode will be working better – it means that no login credentials will be remembered there from “normal” mode, etc. Thanks for your work 🙂

  9. using the scroll bar width of kubuntu default (15px).
    the combobox look like this:

    using 14px as scrollbar width

    For some pages you need to use 10px, so that they appear correctly, I think this happens only use Oxygen with QtCurve look good with 15px.

    please pay attention to this problem

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