rekonq: October news!

Let’s start with this…

rekonq 2.0 tech preview ready!
While it is yet in my personal scratch area, rekonq 1.70 (aka 2.0 tech preview) is now ready to get a first evaluation.
Please, let me list again the new features there for those allergic to youtube videos:

  • tabs up (with a new opening management system, similar to firefox one)
  • inline spellcheck (against qtwebkit 2.3 and available also in rekonq 1.3)
  • reviewed incognito mode (now similar to the chrome one)
  • new startup options:
    • rekonq –incognito URL (to start a rekonq window in incognito mode)
    • rekonq –webapp URL (to start rekonq in webapp mode)
  • pinning tabs (yes, you read it well…)

While there are obviously some glitches yet to fix, I started yesterday to use it as my usual web browser, thing that allowed me to finally start with a 2.x release.
I have to say that the general review done in rekonq code that costed also changing code repository forced me to have a give a look to ALL our features. Some didn’t pass that for different reasons, so you are NOT going to find them in rekonq2 and they are:

  • bookmarks & history panels (pushing on bookmarks & history pages instead)
  • network analyzer
  • the old zoombar (needs proper replacement)
  • some more I probably forget 😉

Last comment about this big change in rekonq code: we are NO MORE using a MainWindow there, but implemented an easy QWidget where it has been added session support (10 lines copied from KMainWindow) && a RekonqFactory, allowing us to read the usual ui.rc files, but just creating the UI object (a menu, a toolbar, etc…) without positioning it as usual here…

…and letting you choosing what create and where put it. You need just an actioncollection, the name of the object to create (as listed in the ui.rc file) and a QWidget parent. Don’t know, maybe it is a nice idea for KDE5, maybe not.

Last, but not least. Rekonq 1.3 stable release with some bugfixes over 1.2 + a nice patch from Ivan Cukic, allowing activities support for rekonq, too! It will be applied to rekonq2 as last feature to be included there.

Yet here? Download, compile, test, enjoy rekonq!

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