rekonq 2 alpha

Hi Guys,
just a short notice this evening from my bed where I am sick (quiet, nothing serious): rekonq 2 alpha has been released to the wild!
You’ll find there all the code to implement the features announced in the tech preview one month ago.
So, nothing really exciting, but a nice step towards our “next generation” browser. In fact, in addition to the new features, rekonq 2 has been an attempt to re{view,organize} all rekonq codebase.
Time will say if the experiment succeded. A first nice proof of this is the native support for web applications.
So, run downloading code here or ask your preferred distro to package it. And enjoy 🙂

18 responses to “rekonq 2 alpha

  1. Where is it being developed? I cannot see any branch or commit about rekonq in the KDE git repository?

  2. Even rekonq-1.2 is not available yet in kubuntu 🙂

  3. Thanks, I’m building it now.

    The truth is, I’ve been looking for a Firefox replacement for some time, but there are four feature which I won’t do without in a web browser:
    1) Lasspass support
    2) Tree-style tabs down the side
    3) Functionality to save the text of web forms (Lazarus Firefox addon)
    4) Keyboard navigation such as Vimperator.

    Where should I post feature requests for Rekonq?

  4. 4 is kinda there already 😉

    • I see that hjkl will scroll, but can one select and follow a link in rekonq from the keyboard? How?

      • I was in the need of a vimperator-like navigation thing for rekonq so I added such a functionallity. Check in the Advanced settings for “Enable keyboard navication using the Ctrl key”

        Whenever you press the Ctrl key a series of Tags will appear over the links of the webpage, you’ll just need to press the corresponding key and rekonq will follow the link 🙂

        There’s still *a lot* of room for improvements though

  5. Hi, I can’t test this alpha version since it requires KDE 4.9, but in the previous tech preview I found a crash that i can’t test if is solved now.

    When I typed something in the direction bar, if I use the mouse and click on one of the suggestions, rekonq crashed. It didn’t crash if I select the result with the cursors.


  6. What happened to its menu on appmenu/xbar?

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