rekonq 2.0 first stable

It’s that time again, the time for a stable release! And I’m really excited this time as this 2.0 marks the beginning of a real new era for my pet project… But let’s try do things slowly and in the right order!

First, in case you don’t know about (there are some yet?), rekonq is small project about realizing a light browser for KDE based on webkit.
The 2.0 release happening today brings some new features you’ll notice at first shot and some changes under the hood you’ll be going to appreciate (or at least, I hope so).
The main idea behind is to realize a “central component” able to browser the web 🙂 and to be used in all our use cases. This is called “WebTab” in rekonq code and it is now responsible for filling each tab in rekonq main UI as well as implementing the so called “webapp” mode.
Mandatory screenshots:

rekonq 2.0 with tabs up

rekonq 2.0 with tabs up

rekonq 2.0 in “webapp” mode

oops… you may have noticed the new UI with tabs up. This is another change I would really implement because I think this is the right UI (at least now) to browse the web. I have some ideas about the possibilities this change gives us and I’ll be going explore them with the next releases. Love it or hate it, rekonq will be tabs up since now. I’m aware this is a big change, compared with other KDE apps UI. We’ll see if people like it or not.

Other new features for the 2.X series are (in sparse order):
– inline spellcheck (when used against QtWebkit 2.3)
– new incognito mode (similar to the chrome one)
– new startup option: rekonq –incognito URL
– new startup option: rekonq –webapp URL
– pinning tabs
– improved error page
– simplified rekonq pages
I just talked about these ones here and prepared also a video, testing my kdenlive (awful) skills.

That’s it! Enjoy rekonq 😉


71 responses to “rekonq 2.0 first stable

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  2. Hello again
    Well I have a couple of problems with the new release that I would like to report.
    Firstly I noticed freezes in a couple of cases;
    when opening a few tabs and try to type in adress bar will freeze the browser for a while,
    also when visiting sites like and open in new tab the download link will freeze again the browser.
    As of the browser id feature (which isnt very reliable), all these options are not really useful.
    Maybe a switch for desktop/mobile would make more sense or an option to report to sites as latest ie on windows, for websites that only support ie would be more useful.
    Also when adding a bookmark the dialog offers to add it in the bookmarks toolbar but nothing happens.
    Finally as minor styling improvement, it would be nice if you hide the marks from the arrows in the toolbar cause it would minimize visual cluter

    • Almost forgot! when website fails to load (bad internet connection,etc) rekonq will show an information page but the adress bar would be empty so I cant just reload the page but have to type again

    • Ahh I should add something…
      While greek translation is 100% complete some messages are not ranslated like; “Select All” (right click on a website),”Open”,”Zoom”,”Tools” and “Bookmarks” (from the main menu).

  3. Great! I can’t wait to try it. Now I can finally properly thank you for fixing my bug reports (it seemed inappropriate to spam there) 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Pressing shift key + mouse scroll wheel rekonq 2.0 doesn’t scroll page up/down while other kde apps (and rekonq 1.x) do it correctly

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  6. I have now tried rekonq 2 some hours. I love the new gui, very clean and space effective!

  7. waiting for it to build and thinking about getting my project on Cmake i notticed that on line 95 in the CmakeLists you have:
    MESSAGE(STATUS ” Qt website is at“)
    With the new Qt page it should now be.
    MESSAGE(STATUS ” Qt website is at“)

    keep up the good work on rekonq!

  8. I like the new GUI, but is there a way in Rekonq 2.0 to have a button on the toolbar to show a menu with the bookmarks, like in previous versions? If not, will it ever be added back as an option? I really don’t like to have to show the whole bookmark bar.

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  12. Webapp mode should totally use the favicon or custom icon of the webapp.

    I can’t help but see something similar to Peppermint OS’s ‘Ice’ (custom ‘webapp’ spawner based on ‘Chromium’) if you make an easy GUI creator for these things, like Peppermint’s Ice.

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  15. First off, great work with your rekonq, I was using it ever more, since it was coming along nicely.
    rekonq 2.0 however now has the disturbing tendency to force stuff on you, without the ability to configure things, and to remove useful features. If I wanted that crap, I’d be using Gnome and its integrated browser, what’s it’s name… something with “E”… Enema or somesuch.

    Some examples of the BAD points of rekonq 2.0:
    – Tabs on top is just plain AWFUL. Either remove this nonsense, or give people at least the possibility to deactivate it.
    – Toolbar can’t be configured anymore, so you’re forced to use the defaults. What’s up with that?
    – You can’t have a button anymore to show a menu with your bookmarks. Just why did you remove this useful feature?
    – Why is the url blanked on error pages? If you mistyped a url, you’ll have to type it again all over due to that. Same goes if the connection timed out (e.g. due to heavy server load), or on other errors. I wouldn’t call that “improved”.
    – Finally, rekonq seems to freeze or crash more often than previous versions.

    It would be great if you could fix these things. I’d much rather have an actual rekonq 2.0 than an Enema 2.0.

    • Hi Kaminari,
      I’ll try to explain my decisions, again. Tabs on top is 100% my decision. I consider the UI cleaner this way and I like the way I could rearrange code better splitting e.g. tabs management and web browsing. So, no turning back here.
      Toolbar(s) cannot be configured in 2.0, that’s true. But this come for free with XMLGUI (together with a menubar, some default toolbar, a statusbar + the usual main window scheme I’m running away). It just has to be coded again. In example in 2.0, you could no more configure shortcuts, while this is just gone back in master and will be available in 2.1.
      No promises for toolbar configuration, but it will be added back ASAP. This way you’ll have back also the bookmarks button.
      Url blanked on error page is.. a bug 🙂 I’m investigating on it just right now. You can anyway NOT type again the url and just press F5 or the reload button.
      About freeze or crashes, this does not happen a lot here. At least not more often than previous versions. But, please, when it happens, try reporting on bugzilla. Thanks.

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