rekonq 2.0 first stable

It’s that time again, the time for a stable release! And I’m really excited this time as this 2.0 marks the beginning of a real new era for my pet project… But let’s try do things slowly and in the right order!

First, in case you don’t know about (there are some yet?), rekonq is small project about realizing a light browser for KDE based on webkit.
The 2.0 release happening today brings some new features you’ll notice at first shot and some changes under the hood you’ll be going to appreciate (or at least, I hope so).
The main idea behind is to realize a “central component” able to browser the web 🙂 and to be used in all our use cases. This is called “WebTab” in rekonq code and it is now responsible for filling each tab in rekonq main UI as well as implementing the so called “webapp” mode.
Mandatory screenshots:

rekonq 2.0 with tabs up

rekonq 2.0 with tabs up

rekonq 2.0 in “webapp” mode

oops… you may have noticed the new UI with tabs up. This is another change I would really implement because I think this is the right UI (at least now) to browse the web. I have some ideas about the possibilities this change gives us and I’ll be going explore them with the next releases. Love it or hate it, rekonq will be tabs up since now. I’m aware this is a big change, compared with other KDE apps UI. We’ll see if people like it or not.

Other new features for the 2.X series are (in sparse order):
– inline spellcheck (when used against QtWebkit 2.3)
– new incognito mode (similar to the chrome one)
– new startup option: rekonq –incognito URL
– new startup option: rekonq –webapp URL
– pinning tabs
– improved error page
– simplified rekonq pages
I just talked about these ones here and prepared also a video, testing my kdenlive (awful) skills.

That’s it! Enjoy rekonq 😉


71 responses to “rekonq 2.0 first stable

  1. You call it 2.0? Rather it should be 0.5.

    It’s more crashy then 1.x and freezes lot more. Less useful features and ability to configure things.

    It’s Rerekonq 0,5, not Rekonq 2.0

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  3. I love everything but I hate the neeed to have the whole bookmark bar activated in order to see my bookmarks, I just want a menu with all my bookmarks like in previous versions. Or, what about adding a new button next to the “refresh page” ? like Firefox does.., anyway I think that removing features is a really step back, you can remove it by default, but let people the possibilty to re-activate it again! (and like the tabs-up, but I think that there should be a method/button or something to put it down as in previous versions).

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Nice, to see things going on. Judging from the title (2.0), I thought this is already about using Webkit2. 🙂

    Also how can test rekonq 2.0 this in my KDE 4.9.3 ?
    And will this be shipped with the 4.10 release of KDE?

  5. Nice work, but it seems some features have been dropped. For example, there’s less tab configurability than before. When I click on a link to open in a new tab, I like for that tab to come to the foreground. Prior versions of Rekonq offered a way to configure that behavior. Version 2.0 doesn’t — tabs only open in the background.

    While I very much want for Rekonq to succeed, please don’t remove features as you continue to develop the product. Many of us are drawn to KDE for its richness of configration, allow Rekonq to reflect that.

  6. Today I made my mind: I am leaving Rekonq and going back to Konqueror.

    Unlike Rekonq, Konqueror was configurable. During Rekonq’s last upgrade, I lost my custom shortcut configuration and can not configure it again in Rekonq 2.0. In Konqueror, I was free to follow the programmer’s new revolutionary choices or not.

    Moreover, even though Konqueror was a heavy software, when there was a feature you liked and were accustomed to, it did not suddenly disappear at following upgrade just because the programmer had decided that it was not trendy, or that it did not follow his idea about history or evolution.

    In Konqueror, you could adapt the software to your taste. In Rekonq, you have to adapt your taste to every new version of the software. It is probably the only software I know where the number of features decreases from version to version – or, at least, where features disappear. The better way to upgrade it would be for me to downgrade it.

    And since Rekonq crashes ten times a day when I open a new tab, I am pleased to come back to Konqueror. I will maybe come back to Rekonq later, if it becomes one day more stable and reliable, leaving the user free to choose how the program looks like.

    • You are obviously free to use the browser you like more. Thanks for letting us know about. And feel free to eventually jump in implementing the trendy features you like more 🙂

  7. Me again 😛

    I found a (bug?) when you fix a tab (for example, fix, the icon showed on the tab appears splitted or cutted (don’t really know how to say that). It happens with all tabs (try, when “unfixing” the tab, the icon isn’t showing correctly too. So I think it’s a bug.

    Another thing, the start page could be a bit more well designed, cause the buttons “Favourites, Historial, Downloads etc” are touching the upper part of the interface, maybe they should be a bit down.

    And why the “incognito mode” is at 2 clicks??? “Configuration -> Open -> Open new window in incognito mode” (or something like this), could be way better if it was “Configuration -> Open new window in incognito mode”.

    Also, removing features isn’t the way to go, specially if Rekonq wants to be THE kde browser. Hope you read this (and you understand, cause english is not my native language hhaha)

  8. Is there a way to make rekonq use smaller icons in toolbar and make more screen available for webpages?

  9. Very nice. BUT: Is there any chance, that the toolbar will be configurable again?? I would really appreciate the possibility to add buttons (i.e. Home Button) or to move buttons (i.e. move Refresh to the left of the address bar).

  10. Fixed the “problem” about buttons touching upper part. About icons, I just replied to another one explaining my Qt knowledge is probably not enough to fix that problem. Don’t know why, it’s a stupid thing, but I really could not manage it.
    About features… well… it’s easy to say “you have to do this” or “you cannot do that”. I can just let you (and everyone blaming about) notice that we are 5 to 10 when it’s the development time, but I’m easy alone during bugfixing. Do you think I’m happy to remove things and I do it for fun? So if I removed your preferred feature, feel free to jump in, revive and maintain it. Everyone (and me as the first one) will be glad about.

  11. What about the version number? now we are at 2.0, I do not like high numbers like Firefox and Chrome are doing, I do not want to say in the future: wow! rekonq 28 is here!. I mean.. maybe using smaller version numbers is better and cleaner, what do you think? maybe is better to do 2.0.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2… 2.1.0, and so on, so first number is a really important update or transition, second one is not that important and the third one is a bugfix release.

    Hope you understood me, I don’t really know how to write in english what I’m trying to say. By the way I love rekonq so please keep working on it!

  12. rekonq 2.0 (Kubuntu 12.04 + KDE4.10) always crash on

    What can I do to open java applets in rekonq 2.0?

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