rekonq 2.2.1

Very fast note to just say I released rekonq 2.2.1 this afternoon. It is just rekonq 2.2 with a “dot 1” at the end 😀
Naaahh… it is rekonq 2.2 with just 1 bugfix (2 lines of code) letting the bookmark toolbar sub-folders work again. Code is here. Every other info about can be found in the 2.2 release blog post.

Sorry for the noise, guys.

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  1. Hi, sorry if i’m writing this here, but i couldn’t figure where i should write a bug report (or feature request) for Rekonq ( If you could point me, i’d be happy to open a bug report.
    I’ve noticed while browsing the web, that a simple infinite loop with an alert inside in javascript will make Rekonq inusable (it doesn’t crash, but you can’t use it anymore since it will keep opening popups). Major browsers (Firefox and Chrome do that, not sure about Opera) allow you to disable popups from a page after the first one, to save the user from something like this.

    I understand it’s not something critical, as in very few pages still do that and you can always kill Rekonq, but i still wanted to point it out.

    If it’s not clear enough, here’s an example:

    Sorry for my bad english.

  2. It was me who files the bug report on bugs.kde, but in arch packages it’s not solved:
    [2013-03-07 19:37] upgraded kdelibs (4.10.1-1 -> 4.10.1-2)
    [2013-03-07 19:37] upgraded rekonq (2.1-1 -> 2.2-1)

  3. PS: seems an arch-related problem, just compiled from source and everything is fine again, thanks for your work!

    • Gotta agree with that compiling from source bit, but remind me: If I dented my DDR2 loading Gnome3, is the post-crash session reload behavior of having excess tabs loaded -plus- a requester to reload the session (which brings things a bit more current, but also more redundant tabs) normal or an artifact of having no pure KDE desktop, or a more of a dev to-do item? (Glad to clear things and retry to reproduce after that, natch…)

  4. Thank you for addressing the bug.

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  6. wanted to build rekonq on Slackware 14.

    Make Error at /usr/share/apps/cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake:350 (cmake_minimum_required):
    CMake 2.8.9 or higher is required. You are running version 2.8.8

    is it really required to have CMake 2.8.9?
    I guess this will make difficulties on a lot of actual distributions.

    (build worked fine on Slackware-current)

    • Hi a4z,
      I did not follow closely last rekonq cmake build system changes. I’ll try to address this as soon as possible. In general, no deps requests improvements are planned after rekonq 2.2 until the KDE5 switch.

    • Sorry to say, cmake 2.8.9 is really needed. Fixed cmakelists to stop compiling without it.

      • thanks for the info,

        just found out that the problem is not in the rekonq build but in a cmake module
        and I have this because I updated kde to 4.10, and FindKDE4Internal.cmake came with the kdeibs package.

        so I have to report the problem to an other location.
        and everything should work fine on a defalut Slackware 14 installation,
        (but I can not test this cause I have kde updated on all installations)

  7. Sane tabs, please!

    Just wondering, will you stop forcing this tabs-on-top nonsense on users anytime near soon and provide an option to turn it off?

    • Steve Nordquist

      So are sane tabs ones in a sidebar list like Opera with tabs active rather than mail or transfers, or no tabs, or tabs on the bottom? I do not think I understand how you prefer to pick a tab…

    • Just wondering, do you really want a tabless browser option as in 80’s or you prefer rekonq1 style with tabs under the urlbar? In both cases, a nice way to have is send a patch to evaluate…

  8. I take a look at rekonq every few weeks to see if the menus are back so I can stop using Chromium which is a resource hog and crashes frequently but no avail. Is this a permanent thing? Could you tell me the last version of rekong that had functioning menus and maybe I can track it down and prevent “upgrades”? It is a great browser but just useless to me without menus.


    • Sort of an accessibility thing (with menu readers?) and missing the Firefox-style menus v. the menus available (about where they are on Chromium) under the wrench near the top right? Perhaps you use a menus reticle program?
      Chromium with noscript or scriptno surely is less hoggy (since it runs no Facebook scripts, etc. unless of course you insist.)

  9. I rolled back to rekonq 1.1 since it has menus. Guess I’ll just stick there until I hear of a better solution. Trying to stay pure KDE.

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