rekonq 2.4.2

New rekonq release (2.4.2) ready just 1 day after another (2.4.1). Ehi, don’t get used to this 🙂
The motivation for this fast update is an idea came out from a bugzilla discussion for an old request: the clear urlbar button.

You may know rekonq uses urlbar right corner to notify things like “bookmarks”, “rss”, “ads blocked” and so on. So basically things related to the site you are actually visiting. This completely excludes KLineEdit clear urlbar button implementation. And, in my opinion, excludes also the logic for such a button there.
The idea has been to add it as a normal action, excluded by default from the main toolbar, but easy to add just right clicking there and choosing “configure main toolbar”. So, the usual way.

But… what happened in the road from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1??

There is another important report from the bug system we implemented this time: global zoom settings. You can choose a global setting for the default zoom in rekonq and just see all pages with it. Moreover, the action “default zoom” (and the shortcut CTRL + 0) restores to it (instead of 100%), letting easy testing new zoom. This job helped also fixing a strange bug reported about rekonq losing some time (non default) zoom settings for a site.

And… is there more? Well.. yes! The usual periodic bugfixing and code improvements: This time I worked around urlbar suggestions, to have them faster and more fluid. Some small improvements also around favicons. A big documentation update from the doc team, a patch to fix compilation on window and a couple of minor non crashing bugs fixed.

Last thing, a change in the default tab width and in the resizing mechanism, discussed with a nice guy reporting his ideas. That’s it! Rekonq 2.4.2 for the masses.

Enjoy it!

PS: In the while, I have now a working fresh KDE frameworks installation here. Rekonq moving starts this afternoon…


27 responses to “rekonq 2.4.2

  1. Hey,
    thank you for the work on rekonq. I really like (and use) rekonq, because of the good KDE-integration. Sadly rekonq isn’t the fastest browser, which I guess however is understandable regarding the small (one-man?) team.

    But I also like the many unique features in rekonq, like the overview page, where you can switch between fav, bookmarks, history, etc..

    • Hi Richard,
      I know actually rekonq is not as fast as we’d like it. But I’m confident things will going to improve with Qt5/WebKit. And I’m really full of hopes for the upcoming WebEngine based on Chromium/Blink.
      We’ll see if this will be true 🙂

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  3. Thanks, the default zoom level should help a lot on high resolution screens. Have you also thought of implementation a feature that remembers the user set zoom level fore each page, like a Firefox addon called NoSquint:

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  6. any news about chrome or firefox plugin integration ?

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for your great work on Rekonq!

    Please, can you update the Fanboy’s lists for Adblock?

    Since EasyList merges with Fanboy’s List, some lists are dropped (Fanboy’s Tracking/Stats Blocking for example).

    New lists are:
    – Fanboy’s Annoyance List (
    – Fanboy’s Social Blocking List (

    Thank you very much.

  8. I notice that the old slow URL typing bug has crept back. More often than not, I’ll type a URL and hit Enter, but not all the characters I typed have actually appeared in the URL bar. I remember this was fixed a while back, do you mind taking a look again?

  9. i love your browser!! but vimeo videos doesnt work, any idea?
    thanx adjam!

  10. Thanks! Rekonq is awesome and it’s my default browser now.
    It really needs greasemonkey support. I need some scripts for geocaching (send2cgeo) and GeoKrety Toolkit. Both greasemonkey scripts. Those are the reasons I still have Chromium for fallback.

  11. Hello,

    Thank you for your great work on Rekonq!

    Will be an update version on the next debian jessie (now there is the old 0.9.2 version)?

  12. Is Rekonq still in development?

  13. Yes, it is. We are just working on the KF5 version and evaluating the news coming with the QtWebEngine/Blink affair.

  14. glad to see Rekonq hasn’t died, it’s my favorite Linux oriented browser and I just hope it’ll keep getting better and better (as it has until now – using Rekonq since version 0.5 perhaps 0.43 if I’m not mistaken…)

  15. It looks as if Kubuntu 15.04 will default to Plasma 5. Will there be a preview release of rekonq for KF5 in early 2015?

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