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rekonq && webapps

Just to show a short video with a local page (to eventually add to rekonq website) collecting some external links of the most famous webapps (working in rekonq).

This basically show a new feature: the ability to open links as webapps (and to install them). What do you think?


rekonq 2.2.1

Very fast note to just say I released rekonq 2.2.1 this afternoon. It is just rekonq 2.2 with a “dot 1” at the end 😀
Naaahh… it is rekonq 2.2 with just 1 bugfix (2 lines of code) letting the bookmark toolbar sub-folders work again. Code is here. Every other info about can be found in the 2.2 release blog post.

Sorry for the noise, guys.

Rekonq 2.2

It’s that time again, release time! In this period it seems very easy to round some edges and push up things.
And this because of the great contribution people is giving us via patches, comments (also on this blog), bug reports… I cannot remember a release where I coded myself so little and checked patches and suggestions so much 🙂
The result is this rekonq 2.2 release!

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rekonq 2.1

I wanna start this post giving my big kudos to the amarok 2.7 “minor tune”. Generally speaking, as developers we know our software life cycle includes major breakages as well as minor tunes. As users, we only understand things like speed, features, fast new astonishing releases and so on 🙂
rekonq just comes out from a major breakage. This was really needed in my opinion to let easier (possible?) properly maintain codebase and to experiment all the new features we have in mind and were not possible (without kludges) in 1.x.

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rekonq 2.0 first stable

It’s that time again, the time for a stable release! And I’m really excited this time as this 2.0 marks the beginning of a real new era for my pet project… But let’s try do things slowly and in the right order!
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rekonq 2 alpha

Hi Guys,
just a short notice this evening from my bed where I am sick (quiet, nothing serious): rekonq 2 alpha has been released to the wild!
You’ll find there all the code to implement the features announced in the tech preview one month ago.
So, nothing really exciting, but a nice step towards our “next generation” browser. In fact, in addition to the new features, rekonq 2 has been an attempt to re{view,organize} all rekonq codebase.
Time will say if the experiment succeded. A first nice proof of this is the native support for web applications.
So, run downloading code here or ask your preferred distro to package it. And enjoy 🙂

rekonq: October news!

Let’s start with this…

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