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rekonq, working on extension support

Because a video sometimes is better than words…

This tiny video shows the actual state of extension support:
– we can manage chrome extensions (I just copied examples from here): we can recognize unpacked extensions, install, enable/disable. (oops.. uninstall/delete missing. Adding next days..)
– we can interpret (a bit) the version 2 manifest.json inside
– we can manage browse actions
– we can manage page actions
– we can open popups

So, the first easy step is done. Now what to really say we are supporting chrome extensions? Here is my todo list:
– support chrome object and (a subset of) its API (very long task)
– support the callback mechanism (really hard, this is the trick missing to say we’ll reach one day our goal)
– implement a way to retrieve extensions (support chrome extensions site? seems problematic. Add a ghns layer? Should do the trick. Probably…)
– ehm… port/implement extensions 😉

Stay tuned.


Rekonq 1.0 features: error page

I’ll have so much things to blog about and so little time to do it. But my sticky note with all the things I’d like to blog is now full and I have absolutely to start again doing it. 😉
So, here I am. First argument I decided to blog about is quite easy: the error page.

Ehi, what is the error page?

I call an error page the one browsers usually show you when they cannot find and/or load the page related to the URL you requested/digited. According to a feature request done by a certain “Filippo” in bugzilla, improving our error page has been one of the target for next rekonq stable release.

Well… why should I list the features when I can just list some screenshot?

These are the pages shown in the most common browsers when loading the unextant URL “cinfullac.com” (sparse typing on my keyboard). Here you are:





Rekonq (UPDATED)

In case you missed it just seeing the page, the features are:

  • Suggestions on possibly error causes (similar to konq)
  • Ability to reload the page (quite everyone has it)
  • link shortcuts for the usual network/proxy/firewall KDE kcm settings
  • Search about the page with the default search engine
  • Load an old snapshot of the page via “Google” or “Wayback Machine” caches

So, given I’m not that web designer, I think we have a very nice and truly functional error page. Probably better than some other seen on the “big brothers”. What do you think?