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rekonq 2.3.2: fixing the fixes…

Voilà, rekonq 2.3.2 has been released to publish last fixes for the 2.3.1 fixes 🙂
Well… it shouldn’t, but it happens sometimes, you (may) know. You find a fix for a bug, you happily test it (I did it for 2 days in my local installation), when you are satisfied, you go and merge… the wrong branch! (The one with the fix + one stupid change you did to try something…). Moreover, in my local installation there was the right patch and I removed the testing branches after merge…

So, long story short. 2.3.2 is 2.3.1 working well. To know about changes from 2.3.0, please refer to 2.3.1 release blog.
And enjoy.