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rekonq 2.3.0

Here we are, finally ready for the 2.3.0 release. After the 2.2 one we targeted some things to fix and features to implement. We now are in the “almost done” level, meaning that quite all things have been done and that the code push is (hopefully) release level.
So, what’s new in rekonq 2.3.0? Here is the “shopping list”:

– bookmarks && history panels, given all the requests about this feature return, it has been implemented in rekonq 2.x fashion:

– some work on web view contextual menus

– activities support (at least being activities aware on opening windows)
– activity daemon support (notifying there url && window title)

– private browsing: stop saving sessions && sharing sessions cookies by tabs of the same window

– open url as webapp option. This “easy” feature has to be inserted in a wider view. So, please wait for my next post about it to.

– session saving (load/save/rename sessions). As you guessed, you can now decide to save a session for future use, rename it and load when you prefer. Moreover, you can decide to start rekonq showing the session dialog, loading one of the saved sessions.


– some work on respecting one more of the thousand millions kde “wide” settings.

– urlbar look change (not finished). SSL icon on the left as major browsers. coloring url text (yet) missing. We have problems when the urlbar is full and text start to “scroll” on the left. And I’d really like to have an “easier” widget here, allowing rich (colored) text, instead of pixel perfect subpainting.


– Favorites (fast) management, the “opera” way (bye bye “love” icon). Just click on the star icon to set bookmarks and/or favorites.


– appmenu-qt support. Just a missing dbus registration from the rekonq window. Easy to do (2 loc), hard to understand.


– fixes fixes fixes.

Wanna more? Enjoy rekonq.


rekonq 2.1

I wanna start this post giving my big kudos to the amarok 2.7 “minor tune”. Generally speaking, as developers we know our software life cycle includes major breakages as well as minor tunes. As users, we only understand things like speed, features, fast new astonishing releases and so on 🙂
rekonq just comes out from a major breakage. This was really needed in my opinion to let easier (possible?) properly maintain codebase and to experiment all the new features we have in mind and were not possible (without kludges) in 1.x.

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