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rekonq && webapps

Just to show a short video with a local page (to eventually add to rekonq website) collecting some external links of the most famous webapps (working in rekonq).

This basically show a new feature: the ability to open links as webapps (and to install them). What do you think?


rekonq: what about the web apps?

Some days ago, my kde friend Kyriakos sent me a mail about Gnome and (sandboxed) web apps. He just pointed me a couple of links, saying something like “ehy, what about rekonq news? we are missing them!”. Unfortunately, holidays are finished 😦 and free time has been drastically reduced. Anyway, that morning I spent a couple of hours to realize this.

Hope you like it 🙂

“Technically” speaking, I just created a small executable based on a kwebview, “kwebapp”, and added to rekonq the ability to create a desktop file calling “kwebapp CURRENTURL”.

This is obviously 0.9 material and will be released on Christmas together with the sync feature (not ready for 0.8, sorry) and with (hopefully) Tirtha’s GSOC about tabs handling.

Hey but… what about 0.8??? It has been tagged today. Just give me 1/2 days to blog about 😀