rekonq: working on “suggestions”

You may be scared a bit I’m blogging so much in this period and you are probably right 🙂
But there is an easy explanation for this: holidays!!!
So, working on my preferred browser, I found a couple of bugs/wishes on b.k.o. complaining about our awesome urlbar (c) suggestions mechanism. If you never used rekonq, run installing it and try digiting something in the urlbar. I’m attaching here a picture of suggestions for the word “kde”.

rekonq suggestions since 0.8

I decided to follow patterns suggested reading reports and I worked an hour about: here is the result.

proposal for rekonq suggestions

This is basically the result of 3 commit:

  1. Invert PreviewList item order, showing icon, text (url), preview
  2. Change suggestions order to: History, Bookmarks, Search & Browse, suggestions
  3. Improve site selection by searching just on sites that “startsWith” the typed text

Just let me explain last (first two are self evident): can you see “” result on first screenshot? Do you think an user typing “kde” is searching for a site containing the string “kde” or just for those sites starting with the typed string?

So, what do you think about? What’s the best suggestion mechanism?


36 responses to “rekonq: working on “suggestions”

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