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rekonq 2.4.2

New rekonq release (2.4.2) ready just 1 day after another (2.4.1). Ehi, don’t get used to this 🙂
The motivation for this fast update is an idea came out from a bugzilla discussion for an old request: the clear urlbar button.

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rekonq 2.3.2: fixing the fixes…

Voilà, rekonq 2.3.2 has been released to publish last fixes for the 2.3.1 fixes 🙂
Well… it shouldn’t, but it happens sometimes, you (may) know. You find a fix for a bug, you happily test it (I did it for 2 days in my local installation), when you are satisfied, you go and merge… the wrong branch! (The one with the fix + one stupid change you did to try something…). Moreover, in my local installation there was the right patch and I removed the testing branches after merge…

So, long story short. 2.3.2 is 2.3.1 working well. To know about changes from 2.3.0, please refer to 2.3.1 release blog.
And enjoy.

rekonq 2.3.1

Short note today (as usual) announcing the immediate availability of rekonq 2.3.1. Rekonq is a web browser based on KDE and webkit focusing on being “light” and “fast”, given anyone gives to these words its own meaning 😉
This release just focuses on bugfixing: first hint I had to add about is about qtwebkit version. In this “strange” period, where qt focuses on Qt5, QML and WebKit2, while we are still bound to Qt4 && Webkit1, I think we need to follow the unofficial QtWebKit 2.3.x branch, with its releases about (last should be QtWebKit 2.3.1). People reported, in this 40 days since rekonq 2.3.0 release, a lot of crash bugs that can be fixed just upgrading from QtWebKit 2.3.0 to QtWebKit 2.3.1.
About our features, we have in this release, the following fixes:

  • a nice speed up on history page construction
  • IconManager code review, fixing some sites showing the wrong favicon
  • Let private popus open in private mode
  • Fix behavious on unloaded sites (show url && reload with F5)
  • Fix on save zoom settings, at least using buttons and shortcuts. Someone reported it is not working well yet using mouse wheel. It will need some more time to investigate. Stay tuned about
  • Don’t Save Sessions When Closing Tabs from Logout. This leaded rekonq thinking people was correctly closing browser on session close.
  • Fix UNICODE symbols shown in the urlbar

We had also some technical code reviews: the usual things programmers like a lot while users never notice 🙂
The most “notable” one let us to move from “about:” to “rekonq:” protocol for our special pages.
Here it is, rekonq bugfixing release is ready for you. Restarting working on extension support…

Enjoy it!

rekonq, working on extension support

Because a video sometimes is better than words…

This tiny video shows the actual state of extension support:
– we can manage chrome extensions (I just copied examples from here): we can recognize unpacked extensions, install, enable/disable. (oops.. uninstall/delete missing. Adding next days..)
– we can interpret (a bit) the version 2 manifest.json inside
– we can manage browse actions
– we can manage page actions
– we can open popups

So, the first easy step is done. Now what to really say we are supporting chrome extensions? Here is my todo list:
– support chrome object and (a subset of) its API (very long task)
– support the callback mechanism (really hard, this is the trick missing to say we’ll reach one day our goal)
– implement a way to retrieve extensions (support chrome extensions site? seems problematic. Add a ghns layer? Should do the trick. Probably…)
– ehm… port/implement extensions 😉

Stay tuned.

rekonq: https indicators

Sorry for the noise, I just cannot decide. What do you prefer?

option 1

Option 1

option 2

option 2

rekonq && webapps

Just to show a short video with a local page (to eventually add to rekonq website) collecting some external links of the most famous webapps (working in rekonq).

This basically show a new feature: the ability to open links as webapps (and to install them). What do you think?

rekonq 2.2.1

Very fast note to just say I released rekonq 2.2.1 this afternoon. It is just rekonq 2.2 with a “dot 1” at the end 😀
Naaahh… it is rekonq 2.2 with just 1 bugfix (2 lines of code) letting the bookmark toolbar sub-folders work again. Code is here. Every other info about can be found in the 2.2 release blog post.

Sorry for the noise, guys.