rekonq 2.4.2

New rekonq release (2.4.2) ready just 1 day after another (2.4.1). Ehi, don’t get used to this 🙂
The motivation for this fast update is an idea came out from a bugzilla discussion for an old request: the clear urlbar button.

You may know rekonq uses urlbar right corner to notify things like “bookmarks”, “rss”, “ads blocked” and so on. So basically things related to the site you are actually visiting. This completely excludes KLineEdit clear urlbar button implementation. And, in my opinion, excludes also the logic for such a button there.
The idea has been to add it as a normal action, excluded by default from the main toolbar, but easy to add just right clicking there and choosing “configure main toolbar”. So, the usual way.

But… what happened in the road from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1??

There is another important report from the bug system we implemented this time: global zoom settings. You can choose a global setting for the default zoom in rekonq and just see all pages with it. Moreover, the action “default zoom” (and the shortcut CTRL + 0) restores to it (instead of 100%), letting easy testing new zoom. This job helped also fixing a strange bug reported about rekonq losing some time (non default) zoom settings for a site.

And… is there more? Well.. yes! The usual periodic bugfixing and code improvements: This time I worked around urlbar suggestions, to have them faster and more fluid. Some small improvements also around favicons. A big documentation update from the doc team, a patch to fix compilation on window and a couple of minor non crashing bugs fixed.

Last thing, a change in the default tab width and in the resizing mechanism, discussed with a nice guy reporting his ideas. That’s it! Rekonq 2.4.2 for the masses.

Enjoy it!

PS: In the while, I have now a working fresh KDE frameworks installation here. Rekonq moving starts this afternoon…

27 responses to “rekonq 2.4.2

  1. KDE needs a native web browser, and this web browser needs to be Rekonq, I’m in love with it and I love the idead behind it: simple, beautiful and fast.

    Thanks for putting such big efforts into the development of Rekonq, wish you the best and I can not wait until that “Preview Relase of Rekonq for KF5” 😀

  2. COOL! I loved that clear button in the old Konqueror

  3. In preparation for that Preview Release of Rekonq for KF5, is there a way to export my favorites?

  4. I have three loves: Rekonq, KDE and Debian.
    I want to use Rekonq 2.4.2on Debian 8 (Jessie) but is not in the debian repository, how I can do?

  5. Is it true that QtWebKit is deprecated and QWebCore (based on chromium) does not expose all the needed functionalities for applications? Is there a path forward?

  6. Is rekonq still in development?

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