rekonq 0.6.1

A brief blogging announce to celebrate rekonq first bugfix release. As promised, there will be support for the 0.6 series, as it really seems someone is starting to use our pet browser!!
This is anyway a strange first one because it is probably our last in Gitorious, with our transition to the KDE git infrastructure starting.. tomorrow! And it is probably also our last release hosted in SouceForge, as we are working on a fantastic new web “solution”, that we’ll be ready for 0.7 release.
So, without further ado, here are the bugs you’ll find fixed in 0.6.1:

  • A mem leak in the bar(s)
  • support for Bookmarklets
  • (No more) focus stealing on external url calls
  • Chinese sites (right) encoding
  • localization of OpenSearch suggestions
  • urlbar no more crashing in disconnected mode

Hope you’ll enjoy rekonq!

32 responses to “rekonq 0.6.1

  1. I’m really impressed by the way rekonq has come so far… I’ve only experienced one rather unusual issue. On some sites, including Facebook and Twitter, English isn’t detected as my default language. I’ve been seemingly randomly directed to the French, Spanish and German versions of English websites. Kubuntu is set to default (US) English, and reading the HTTP Input sent by rekonq appears that rekonq is correctly identify English as the installed language. However, this issue cannot be replicated in Firefox, Chrome or Konqueror. Having experimented with the rekonq source code, I also ran a vanilla development version of rekonq and it still has the same issue. Any idea what the root of this problem is?

  2. Feature request: Linkification

    I don’t think, rekonq has this feature and it should be one, which is not to hard to implement (so I hope) and quite useful (I miss it a least). If rekonq has such capability, please tell me, how I could use it and ignore the rest.

    What should it do?
    Visiting a site it should scan the plain text for (maybe shortened, i.e. without http:// or so) URLs and put a url around them, if they aren’t already in such a hyperlink.

    There are often URLs in the text, which are not links and therfore not clickable (e.g.: in comments, but also an some newspages); so to visit them you have to mark the text, copy it and insert it in the url-bar.

    Scan the displayed text for parts, which look like links, if found such a part, say $link=””, complete to a full url, here $url=””, and replease the original text link by an apropriate HTML link: $link.
    You could also change the color to a special one, or reset it to the same as the rest of the plain text, and underline the new link only if hovered, or …

    Firefox has a plugin, named linkification: 😉 Such a link should at least be clickable:

    Thanks for the attention and sorry for my bad english.

    P.S.: Hope you accept feature requests here, I didn’t know where to put and thought, you would read it here.

    • Hi Lox, first of all I’m very sorry for the late reply.
      It seems your message got lost in the wordpress “to be approved” message queue. Come one day in Italy to have a free beer from me 🙂
      About your feature request: I hope we can have in rekonq 0.8 a working plugin support, so that requests like yours will be easily implemented.


  3. It would be nice if Rekonq remembered zoom per website (like firefox and chrome), because right now I have to ctrl&+ every new tab X_X

  4. +1 for Kim petition. This is a MUST HAVE for the next version.

  5. I stopped by just to say: thank you very much for rekonq – you did a very good job so far!

  6. Give us extensions ^^ .

  7. Rekonq is an incredible piece of software, I really like it’s simple but very powerfull design. Seems you did’t leave any detail out. I use Rekonq 2/3 times I surf the web, the rest 1/3 I still have to use Firefox (for example in KoffePhoto site) because Firefox handles it better. But it is a very mature browser and I hope in the near future I can use Rekonq for 3/3 time I surf the web.

  8. there will be rekonq 0.6.2? when? and the 0.7?

    • Andrea Diamantini

      We are working on 0.7 release, so that it will be probably better to install 0.6.80 than 0.6.x branch.
      First 0.7alpha release is scheduled for February, 1st.

  9. It is possible was Rekonq was made like Firefox? For example: if doesn’t have new version Rekonq from stable Debian, i still can download it and copy binary rekonq to / opt and use. Maybe it’s stupid, but it simple solution. I apologize for my language. Regards.

  10. It’s February, 1st Andrea! I wanna to see Rekonq 0.7 Alpha today 🙂

  11. Just wanted to say that I jsut discovered rekonq and I love it! Great work. 🙂

  12. where is new rekonq and NoScript support? 🙂

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