rekonq 2.3.1

Short note today (as usual) announcing the immediate availability of rekonq 2.3.1. Rekonq is a web browser based on KDE and webkit focusing on being “light” and “fast”, given anyone gives to these words its own meaning 😉
This release just focuses on bugfixing: first hint I had to add about is about qtwebkit version. In this “strange” period, where qt focuses on Qt5, QML and WebKit2, while we are still bound to Qt4 && Webkit1, I think we need to follow the unofficial QtWebKit 2.3.x branch, with its releases about (last should be QtWebKit 2.3.1). People reported, in this 40 days since rekonq 2.3.0 release, a lot of crash bugs that can be fixed just upgrading from QtWebKit 2.3.0 to QtWebKit 2.3.1.
About our features, we have in this release, the following fixes:

  • a nice speed up on history page construction
  • IconManager code review, fixing some sites showing the wrong favicon
  • Let private popus open in private mode
  • Fix behavious on unloaded sites (show url && reload with F5)
  • Fix on save zoom settings, at least using buttons and shortcuts. Someone reported it is not working well yet using mouse wheel. It will need some more time to investigate. Stay tuned about
  • Don’t Save Sessions When Closing Tabs from Logout. This leaded rekonq thinking people was correctly closing browser on session close.
  • Fix UNICODE symbols shown in the urlbar

We had also some technical code reviews: the usual things programmers like a lot while users never notice 🙂
The most “notable” one let us to move from “about:” to “rekonq:” protocol for our special pages.
Here it is, rekonq bugfixing release is ready for you. Restarting working on extension support…

Enjoy it!

16 responses to “rekonq 2.3.1

  1. Dunno about “never notice” – I’ve seen code reviews leading to some important bugfixes and speedups. Static code analysis too. Programmers are not always the only ones that notice results of refactoring 🙂

  2. Great! Another step to becoming my main browser.

    I would like to know a little things about Rekonq roadmap if its possible:
    -Will Rekonq support bookmark sync with Firefox sync?
    -When will Webgl get supported?

    And a extra, lately I check if Google Hangouts works in gmail under Rekonq and the answer was yes 🙂 (it uses the same pluging that Firefox to do that) but the difference between Firefox support on that, and Rekonq, is that Hangouts videoconference crash on Rekonq. It would be great that worked fine but surely its not Rekonq responsability.

    Anyway, thanks for Rekonq and all your effords on bring us such great piece of software.

  3. After upgrading favicons are not displayed in bookmarks panel.
    What could be the reason?

  4. Great work! If only kubuntu would provide packages! Rekonq is still in version 2.2.1 here. Other ppa’s seem to be to be abandoned.

    • You can always build one yourself. Or switch to siduction – they have 2.3.0 right now in kdenext and it shouldn’t be long before they put 2.3.1 out.

      • Sure, I did compile it myself in the past, but it turned out to be highly impractical to follow the evolution of packages and dependencies. I stopped doing it at some point also because the system requirements for compiling webkit were simply not met by my machine. Let’s hope that they will indeed include new versions.

        • Slight offtopic: Hmm, you got me curious. While I wait for package in siduction repos to be updated instead of building myself mostly just because I’m a lazy ass + I’m moderately happy already with where rekonq is right now, when I did build it myself the only snag I’ve encountered that I can remember was the requirement for newer kdelibs than I had, which I worked around by tweaking one of the cmake files. Otherwise building new version was taking me whole couple minutes together with downloading and unpacking source after I downloaded once all needed dev libs. So I’m curious what makes it inpractical for you, besides the fact that it puts rekonq outside of package manager’s jurisdiction. Also, I’ve been using some pretty skinny VMs to build software w/o problems, so again I’m just curious, what are/were the specs of your machine?

          • I didn’t try it since a while, but with older versions or rekonq/webkit (which persisted in kubuntu for long time) I encountered frequent crashes on favorite pages so I had to compile myself (now I see mostly non-critical bugs which I think would be fixed with newer webkit). I cannot reproduce all the problems, but I remember that there were repeatedly conflicts . Once I was just searching a compatible webkit version, which was non-trivial as there wasn’t any information about it. I had a question here: . With later ubuntu versions it stopped working again. Also compilation instructions for webkit kde where outdated etc. On my older (but standard) notebook compilation of webkit hit memory limits (a known problem) which you could somehow overcome by excluding parts from compilation. I guess these are all just usual problems which you encounter if you don’t regularly compile some software and you don’t know it’s dependencies come about and change. Just google it and you’ll find that others have problems as well. They can be fixed but it can take too much time to be practical. I changed to chrome and only now I am back to rekonq as there is a usable packaged version.

  5. Awsome dude! Thanks a lot!

  6. Casual installation on a gnome box…dev footprint gains 2GiB. Should have ssh’d into another castle! Man, dns from AT&T on a weekend… Yay Siduction! Yay split-screen and viminess. Hooray indeed for checkboxes for WebGL like it just hatches…at the speed of DDR3 if ya have it, looks like. Aaaand there are my extensions, must have come in from Opera. Thanks!

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  8. Reknoq is a very elegant browser, and I really appreciate the integration into KDE– thank you!

    I don’t know where I would submit a small feature request, so I will post it here: Could you make the back/forward buttons disappear where there is nothing to go back or forward to?

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