rekonq 2.3.2: fixing the fixes…

Voilà, rekonq 2.3.2 has been released to publish last fixes for the 2.3.1 fixes 🙂
Well… it shouldn’t, but it happens sometimes, you (may) know. You find a fix for a bug, you happily test it (I did it for 2 days in my local installation), when you are satisfied, you go and merge… the wrong branch! (The one with the fix + one stupid change you did to try something…). Moreover, in my local installation there was the right patch and I removed the testing branches after merge…

So, long story short. 2.3.2 is 2.3.1 working well. To know about changes from 2.3.0, please refer to 2.3.1 release blog.
And enjoy.

16 responses to “rekonq 2.3.2: fixing the fixes…

  1. moonwalkersyrius

    Hi Andrea, thanks for some nice fixes. Though I’m not seeing unloaded sites behaviour fixed (still seeing no URL and F5 doesn’t work, can reload only through “Try Again” link) and I’m also seeing some regression – I have standard font set to sans serif and home page to favorites and when I start rekonq it shows me favorites page in serif font. As soon as I reload home page or load anything else or open new tab font is corrected. Also, do you have an actual bug tracker that could be open to public or at least to select few testers?

  2. Regression with displaying bookmarks on bookmarks panel still not fixed. Regression from 2.3.1.

  3. Enricobadalamento

    1. Please open this page :
    a few times move the whole page up and down, and RAM usage of Rekonq is going dramatically up to gigabytes.

    2. In Rekonq I use adblock, but still mostly it almost works, some pages are still viewed significantly worse than in Firefox.

    even so you are doing an excellent job with Rekonq and development corresponds exactly my ideas for web browser and it goes pretty fast forward, since 2.3 I use Rekonq as my prefered browser instead of Firefox. (I look forward to extensions support).

  4. Favicons does not work in Bookmarks and Taskmanager…

  5. I really like this KDE-friendly browser! 😀

    I have two favors:
    1) If you (accidentally) close a tab and reopen it (by [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [t]), you can’t go back/forward…please fix it.

    2) Hide “close” icon on each tab option.

    Thanks! : )

  6. Nice job with rekonq, the browser really looks good and very promissing.

    I installed the latest version on my Slackware laptop. These are the issues that I found:
    1 – the chat window in the google+ loses focus everytime that I hit enter to send a message.
    2 – The rekonq website renders ugly.
    3 – While using rekonq I see that it’s demanding much CPU even when all the tabs that I have opened are all loaded. I run the command top and rekonq is at the top.

  7. There is a repository for have an always update version in debian?

  8. Hi,

    thanks for rekonq! I’m using it every day and it feels lighter than firefox.

    — Diego

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  11. Will Rekonq ever support the Geolocation API? I hope so 🙂

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  13. I really like how rekonq looks and behaves these days, with one big issue that keeps me away from using it as my daily browser: memory consumption (I am using version 2.3.2 in Kubuntu). For example, if I open rekonq and navigate to, the memory use increases constantly and it can go up to a gigabyte or more even if I don’t open any other tab. I noticed that with other websites as well.

  14. Is this project dead?

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