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rekonq, working on extension support

Because a video sometimes is better than words…

This tiny video shows the actual state of extension support:
– we can manage chrome extensions (I just copied examples from here): we can recognize unpacked extensions, install, enable/disable. (oops.. uninstall/delete missing. Adding next days..)
– we can interpret (a bit) the version 2 manifest.json inside
– we can manage browse actions
– we can manage page actions
– we can open popups

So, the first easy step is done. Now what to really say we are supporting chrome extensions? Here is my todo list:
– support chrome object and (a subset of) its API (very long task)
– support the callback mechanism (really hard, this is the trick missing to say we’ll reach one day our goal)
– implement a way to retrieve extensions (support chrome extensions site? seems problematic. Add a ghns layer? Should do the trick. Probably…)
– ehm… port/implement extensions 😉

Stay tuned.


rekonq 0.9.1 and other jokes

Yes, it’s that time again. We are ready for first bugfixing release in 0.9.x series of our beloved web browser.
We basically have a couple of crash bugs fixed and some nice clean up there, so rekonq 0.9.1 is absolutely the best choice for all people that don’t like pull and compile master branch every week 🙂
If you cannot wait your distro upgrading and pushing a compiled package, just grab sources from our website and compile it yourself.
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