rekonq 1.0!!!

Yes, we are there, we finally reached it! After a very busy period, cleaning up code and fixing bugs we are ready now for the first stable release of the product.

Mandatory photo of the first rekonq 1.0 installation 😀

rekonq 1.0

I just wanna say that I presonally spent this month checking ALL the over 300 bugs opened in kde bugzilla against rekonq, we fixed more than 40 REAL bugs (i.e. NOT duplicates) and tried reproducing all remaining 46 crash bugs: an impressive work I hope you’ll appreciate in your smoothest and fastest rekonq browsing experience 😀

There are (at least) a couple of other news about the rekonq world. But I’ll blog about the next days. Today, the hero is just it, rekonq 1.0 tarball. Serve it cool…

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