rekonq 0.5

Just to say that 0.5 stable release is finally out!! Read about it here and here.
I really wanna thank all the “rekonquers” involved in this release, it’s fantastic seeing things becoming every day more a community project maintaining anyway the initial “free time game” spirit.
I have to say it’s just a couple of days it has been released, but I found time to blog just today. These weeks I’m highly involved in my job and some real life (boring) stuffs. I hope hacking will restart from next tuesday..
In the while, you living on the bleeding edge (of software) and always waiting for the next last news, just enjoy our light browser!

12 responses to “rekonq 0.5

  1. Any chance of getting tabs on the side as a hierarchy, like this:


  2. I found a bug that site does not work well. The commenting (commit) button does not work.

  3. I’m a french (so sorry for my bad english^^) archlinux user and yesterday, I have done the upgrade, I enjoy this new version!

    Congratulations, rekonq 0.5 is very great! It’s a light web browser whitout bug, just perfect!

    Thank you for your work!

  4. jospoortvliet

    congrats dude, I use it since the 0.5 release instead of chromium – it’s about as fast and better integrated in the Plasma desktop 😀

  5. Rekonq is shaping up very nicely 🙂 I’ve been testing it since the beggining and now is quite a great browser. It seems that the only missing piece to become my primary browser is to support chrome extensions which seems to be on the way =)
    I see a near future where finally KDE users can have a real usable browser, lightweight and truly integrated 🙂 Thanks A LOT for your work!

  6. Crashes everytime I want to open

    don’t know what it is? any suggestions?

  7. Please, tell me how on earth I compile this from windows x.x

    • I have no time now to try again testing rekonq compilation on windows. When I did it for 0.4 release, I just used the windows kde installer to add all the requisites for compiling things on windows, downloaded a git clone of rekonq, started cmake..

  8. Maybe you should make a stand-alone installer for windows then.
    This could be a major browser if the reviews I read are honest, but you need to make it a bit more accessible to programming noobs like me.

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